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Linden Comansa America - 21LC750 Tower Cranes

The 21LC750 crane is a model designed fundamentally for major industrial, energy, mining and PPVC construction projects. Since its launch it has become one of COMANSA ´s top models thanks to its productivity, easy assembly and modularity.

It was the first COMANSA model to do away with the cat-head, a design that was also used for the 21LC660 and the cranes in the 1600 Series, drastically speeding up the assembly and dismantling processes.


Key Specifications
Maximum load 25t -50 t
Reach 80 m
Jib-end load - Normal 6,700 kg - 7,300 kg
Jib-end load - PowerLift 7,370 kg - 8030 kg

Company Info

11608 Downs Road,
P.O. Box 1079
Pineville, NC
US, 28037


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