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Linden Comansa America - LC500 Series Tower Cranes

35 years after the first Linden 8000 Modular Series cranes, Comansa continues the development of flat top cranes and is proud to present this crane range, the LC 500 series. The main objective of this range is an update of the highly successful NT series by introducing the flat-top design and latest crane technology. This range of flat-top cranes consists of four models with jib lengths from 35 meters up to 50 meters with a maximum jib-end load of one tonne.


Key Specifications: 4 Models
Jib Length Min. / Max. 20m / 35m - 20m / 50m
Max. Load (Two Falls) 2000 kg - 2500kg
Max. Load (Two Fall/Four Fall) 4000 kg - 5000 kg
Jib End Load (Two Falls) 1000 kg
Jib End Load (Two Fall/Four Fall) 900 kg

Company Info

11608 Downs Road,
P.O. Box 1079
Pineville, NC
US, 28037


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