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Lincoln Electric

Address 179 Wicksteed Ave., Toronto, ON, M4G 2B9, CA
Telephone 416 421 2600
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Welding safety improved thanks to helmet upgrades

Lincoln Electric introduces an updated VIKING PAPR 3350 Welding Helmet, now with 4C lens technology and an optional extended battery pack.

The 4C lens technology upgrade improves the optics and reduces eye strain by minimizing the lime-green coloring in the liquid crystal display (LCD) in both active and inactive states. This technology gives operators the ability to see a clear and undistorted view of the welding arc and puddle to maximize control and minimize defects. 4C technology is ideal for a range of industries that use multiple welding processes, such as stick, MIG and TIG, including general fabrication, power generation, shipbuilding, structural, offshore and pipeline.

Lincoln Electric’s new Flextec 350X and LN-25X feature CrossLinc Technology

Lincoln Electric launches new CrossLinc Technology-enabled welding equipment, providing advantages for the construction, shipbuilding, barge, heavy fabrication and other markets. The Flextec 350X welder and LN-25X wire feeder use a proprietary communications protocol to transfer operator voltage adjustments at the feeder to the power source hundreds of feet away using a common, copper weld cable. No additional control cable is required. The result is greater safety, quality and productivity for jobsite and fab-shop environments.

Lincoln Electric releases new 2016 welding and cutting product catalogue

Lincoln Electric has announced the release of its annual Welding & Cutting Solutions 2016 Equipment Catalog in electronic format, just in time for the holiday shopping season. This updated catalogue includes over 80 pages of new products, content and features an updated, easy-to-navigate format, with detailed specifications close at hand to help customers choose the right welding and cutting products for their applications.

Lincoln Electric invests $30 million in new welding technology centre

The Lincoln Electric Company, a subsidiary of Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc., is pleased to announce it is investing approximately $30 million in a new Welding Technology Center on its Euclid, Ohio campus. The centre will focus on the training of welding educators and industry leaders to address the rising demand for welding education and career pathways in welding and advanced manufacturing. Lincoln Electric will also dedicate resources to support welding training for veterans at this facility.

Square Wave TIG 200 welding machine from Lincoln Electric

The new Square Wave TIG 200 welding machine from Lincoln Electric offers a multi-process TIG and stick welding experience for craftsmen, small shop fabricators, makers, motorsports enthusiasts and hobbyists. Users can perform AC TIG welding on aluminum and DC TIG welding on steel, stainless and chrome-moly when precision and bead appearance are important. Users can also switch to stick welding when working with thicker materials or welding outdoors.

Lincoln Electric Ranger 250 GXT Engine-Driven Welder with Camouflage Graphics Wrap

Contractors can get the features they need for construction and maintenance work, plus a new, eye-catching, white tail camouflage graphics wrap, with the White Tail Camo Ranger 250 GXT engine-driven welder from Lincoln Electric. This is the first commercially available engine-driven welder from a major manufacturer to feature not only a graphic wrap treatment but also a camouflage design, a popular choice among hunters and tradesmen across the country. A VIKING 3350 Series White Tail Camo auto-darkening welding helmet with a matching camo graphic pattern is also available.

Lincoln Electric Introduces Vantage 520 SD Engine-Driven Welder / Generator

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Vantage 520 SD engine-driven welder / generator, which joins the larger Vantage 600 SD and Air Vantage 600 SD to form a Severe Duty group of welders suitable for such extreme environments as mining, construction and pipe welding. Each is equipped with a Tier 4 Final (T4F) compliant engine that meets all new EPA diesel fuel emission standards.

Game Changed – Lincoln Electric Introduces the Power MIG 210 MP

The Power MIG 210 MP from Lincoln Electric is a multi-process welder for the hobbyist, educator or small contractor who wants to perform MIG welding and a lot more, including DC stick, DC TIG and self-shield flux-cored wire welding. 

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