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Honda GX50 mini-four stroke adds power and performance in lightweight package

At the 2019 ARA Show, the American Rental Association's annual convention and trade venue for the equipment and event rental industry, Honda Engines introduced the all-new, high-output Honda GX50, expanding the company's Mini-Four Stroke lineup with a more powerful model. Joining the Honda GX25 and Honda GX35 Mini-Four Stroke models, the new GX50 incorporates a higher displacement, making it an ideal power match for demanding rental, industrial, construction and professional landscape applications. Available now, the versatile Honda GX50 brings its light weight, compact design, easy starting and excellent fuel efficiency to power products ranging from brush cutters to rammers and vibrators to concrete screeds, post drivers and winches. 

Honda Engines to unveil new additions to commercial engine lineup at World of Concrete

At World of Concrete 2019, the Honda Engines team will unveil powerful new additions to its general purpose commercial engine lineup – models that offer commercial construction and turf industry customers more versatile power and greater adaptability with exceptional fuel efficiency in a compact package.

  • The Cyclone Air Cleaner, available on the Honda GX160, GX200, GX270 and GX390 engine models, features a smaller footprint and a more compact design than the legacy cleaner it replaced. The Cyclone Air Cleaner fits within the overall engine shape and targets OEM applications where overall engine dimensions are critical.
  • The Honda GXR120 general purpose engine, a model uniquely developed as an ideal source of power for rammers – equipment used to compact soil or other granular material. Offered as a second power option to the reliable GX100 engine, the GXR120 engine is designed to provide superb durability and reliability for heavy-duty applications.
  • Offering the same quality and durability attributes of the GX series engines, GX Pressure Washer Optimized Industrial Series engines are specifically designed for direct-drive pressure washer applications; the Optimized series is available with Honda GX160, GX200, GX270 and GX390 engines. The model lineup delivers Honda's smooth and reliable power, maximized engine performance at wide-open throttle and increased power output in the GX200 and GX390 series engines. These engines also offer a fixed throttle, enabling superior performance, making them ideal for the rental market.

What to see at The Rental Show 2018 Part 2

The Rental Show is the American Rental Association's annual convention and trade show for the equipment rental industry. It features construction/industrial equipment, general tool/light construction equipment and party/special event equipment. The Rental Show 2018 will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, from February 19 to 21. Check back with Heavy Equipment Guide throughout the week leading up to the show for continuing coverage. The following is a selection of what exhibitors will be highlighting at The Rental Show.

Gas engine driven air compressor now Honda powered

VMAC has released the new G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor, now powered by a Honda GX390 gas engine. The G30 offers up to 30 CFM at 100 percent duty cycle, making it the best choice for operators using air tools for light duty applications, including mobile mechanics, tire service technicians, and light duty contractors.

Honda adds GFCI feature to additional generator models

Honda Power Equipment has announced that it has added ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) technology to three of its most popular generator models for commercial, rental and residential applications. At the 2016 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, an international event showcasing leading industry suppliers and dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries, Honda unveiled three enhanced models, the Honda EB6500 Industrial Series generator, the Honda EM5000 Deluxe Series generator and the Honda EG4000 Economy Series generator, each equipped with GFCI 20 amp duplex receptacles. GFCI protects a user from electrical shock by shutting down the circuit when current is flowing along an unintended path, or ground fault.

Honda Engines introduces new Cyclone Air Cleaner

At the 2016 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, Honda has introduced a newly designed Cyclone Air Cleaner to be made available on select Honda GX Series commercial engine models. Select Honda GX160, GX200, GX270 and GX390 engines will be offered with the new air cleaner starting in 2017.

Atlas Copco BG245 and BG375 Trowels: Ideal for Limited-Access Jobsites

Atlas Copco’s new BG245 and BG375 walk-behind trowels excel at finishing concrete in limited-access worksites and close to walls due to their compact bodies and light weight. The upgraded trowels feature an adjustable handle to enhance versatility, a maintenance stand to make servicing easy and a centrifugal clutch for safe operations.

Honda Introduces All-New Rammer Engine New GXR120 Specifically Designed for Power Rammers

Honda has introduced an all-new, GXR120 general purpose engine, a model uniquely developed as an ideal source of power for rammers – equipment used to compact soil or other granular material.  Offered as a second power option to the reliable GX100 engine, the new GXR120 engine has been designed to provide superb durability and reliability for heavy-duty applications.

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Improved generators

The Honda Industrial Series of generators includes the existing EB3000c, the new EB4000 (replacing the existing EB3500), a redesigned EB5000 and EB6500. Each new EB unit is powered by the new iGX simple I platform engine, along with the all-new Honda exclusive iAVR Power advantage, a Honda Generator exclusive system that realizes a 50 percent reduction in voltage fluctuation over current AVR systems. A combination of factors creates the additional iAVR power in the EB generator line. They include the iGX Honda engine with Digital Capacitive Discharge Ignition (DCDI), Self-Tuning Regulator (STR) governor, and Current Transformer (CT) Sensor coupled with the new Digital Auto Voltage Regulator (DAVR) alternator.

Height-adjustable serrated auger on snowblower

Equipped with a full range of innovative features, this snowblower is easy to start and consistently delivers smooth and reliable power. The HS928 employs a specially designed, heavy-duty, height-adjustable serrated auger to slice through icy snow build-up deposited by snowplows, and units feature a Honda OHV commercial-grade engine. Other key features include an infinitely variable speed control hydrostatic drivetrain, a 28-inch clearing width and 20-inch clearing height.

HHE31CA stick edger

This HHE31CA stick edger uses the same basic design features as a trimmer and is powered by a Honda GX31 mini four-stroke engine. These units are designed easier to handle than traditional edgers, making them ideal for edging walkways, garden beds and driveways. The HHE-31CA also features a flex shaft rather than a straight steel shaft and incorporates an eight-inch blade and heavy-duty debris shaft. For maximum control, units have a quick-adjust gauge wheel. Fuel tank capacity is 22 fluid oz.