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Three key deep foundation drilling introductions

Blue Soilmec drill rig
Soilmec SR-30 Eagle drill rig

Foundation drilling is a task that can require very specific equipment to complete successfully. These recent introductions from manufacturers specializing in deep foundation work have added options for contractors who are looking to expand their fleets.

Soilmec SR-30 Eagle

The SR-30 Eagle from Soilmec weighs just 31.3 tons with a 4x9 Kelly bar allowing the machine to be moved easily without disassembly. A heavy-duty undercarriage and counterweight allow the SR-30 Eagle to offer an agile turret with a 131.3-inch tail swing radius. The latest generation Soilmec Segmental Mast is designed to easily switch to LHR and CFA configurations, allowing it to be compact and provide excellent torsional strength. Maximum torque is 131 kNm; the drill is capable of optimizing torque and rotation speed during excavation thanks to automatic control of motor displacement. Technology additions bring greater safety to the SR-30 Eagle; a camera system with monitor in the cabin, radio control for loading/unloading and the new DMS On Board system all improve safety and operations.

Liebherr LRB 23 compact piling and drilling rig

Liebherr LRB 23

Liebherr's LRB 23 compact piling and drilling rig provides 804 hp, giving the unit plenty of capacity for common deep foundation work, whether it requires a Kelly drill, double rotary drill, full displacement equipment or continuous flight auger. In addition, it can handle soil mixing and applications involving a vibrator or hydraulic hammer. This unit's compact design allows for easy transportation. Locking the Kelly bar's telescopic sections is made easier with the aid of a Kelly visualization system. A real-time display in the cabin monitor keeps the operator permanently informed about the distance to the next locking recess.

During continuous flight auger drilling the concreting process is automated thanks to the drilling assistant, aiding in time savings, improved machine availability and an increase in safety during operation.

BAUER MC 96 duty-cycle crane

Bauer MC 96 duty-cycle crane with Berminghammer lead assembly

Equipment Corporation of America (ECA) is bringing the unique BAUER MC 96 duty-cycle crane paired with hanging Berminghammer lead assembly to North America to allow its customers to achieve drilling depths of up to 150 feet (45 m). Both ECA and ECA Canada will offer this rig to customers for sale or rental. When equipped with the 138-foot-long (42-m) Berminghammer lead, BAUER's 130-ton duty-cycle crane can reach depths of up to 150 feet (45 m). The specially adapted MC 96 mast geometry allows an operator to drill in single-pass mode using the complete mast length. This means that the 750-mm auger can achieve a depth of 115 feet (35 metres) in a completely continuous drilling process. It is also possible to attach a Kelly extension to drill down an additional 33 feet (10 m).

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