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Everything is awesome with these LEGO Technic construction sets

LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800.

When it comes to LEGO sets, the LEGO Technic line offers more complex models than the standard plastic bricks, providing motors and gears to help create realistic heavy equipment at your fingertips. Many sets also feature 2-in-1 construction options, allowing you to get more out of your set by turning a wheel loader into an articulated hauler, or a rough-terrain crane into a mobile pile driver. Below are 10 LEGO Technic sets that let you create an equipment fleet of your own.

Liebherr R 9800 mining excavator set

Liebherr's R 9800 mining excavator is a big machine to assemble - no matter what scale it is. The 4,108-piece LEGO Technic excavator is powered by two advanced Smart Hubs with 7 motors. The multi-function control screen enables users to drive the machine in all directions, rotate the superstructure, extend and raise the boom, open and tilt the bucket and get real-time feedback, such as boom position, power usage and drive distance. Additionally, with the challenges and achievements screen, users can even complete challenges to unlock reward badges.

Learn more about the LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 mining excavator here.

Volvo ZEUX concept wheel loader set

In 2018, Volvo Construction Equipment and LEGO joined forces with a team of children to design a futuristic, autonomous construction machine. The result: the LEGO Technic Volvo concept wheel loader ZEUX set.  This futuristic concept model featured many realistic details, including a buildable mapping drone, futuristic rims wrapped with large heavy-duty tires and a classic Volvo colour scheme. This set has since been retired.

Learn more about the Volvo ZEUX concept wheel loader set here.

LEGO Technic compact crawler crane set

The LEGO Technic compact crawler crane includes extendable outriggers that move both laterally and vertically, an extendable boom, a hoist with extensive cabling and safety lock, and a 180-degree rotating superstructure. The crawler crane folds into a compact vehicle that travels on rugged crawler tracks and can be rebuilt to create the LEGO Technic compact tower crane.

Volvo 6X6 A60H​ articulated hauler set

Volvo CE co-developed a LEGO Technic 6X6 A60H articulated hauler model featuring app-controlled operation and fully automatic transmission, as well as six large tires and heavy-duty motors. The 2,193-piece set also features a fully automatic transmission - a first for the LEGO Technic brand.

Learn more about the LEGO Technic A60H articulated hauler model here.

Volvo L350F wheel loader set

With 1,600 individual pieces, the remote-control Volvo L350F wheel loader could lift more than 1kg in its bucket. The fully remote-controlled model had all the features of Volvo's largest real-life wheel loader, featuring a 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons and a fan, articulated servo steering, a working lift arm and a tipping bucket. The 2-in-1 model could also be rebuilt into a Volvo A25F articulated hauler. The set has since been retired.

Learn more about the Volvo L350F wheel loader set here.

LEGO Technic rough-terrain crane set

The LEGO Technic rough-terrain crane allows users to select upper or lower crane mode for complete control over motorized functions such as lowering the stabilizer legs, rotating the superstructure, operating the lifting winch or sending the extendable boom a metre into the air. The model also includes two opening compartments with tools, chains and a fire extinguisher. This 2-in-1 LEGO Technic set can be rebuilt to create a mobile pile driver.

LEGO Technic concrete mixing truck set

The LEGO Technic concrete mixer truck features eight robust wheels, a moving motor, an opening driver's cab and a large mixing drum. Users can turn the drum manually or set it to automatic to see it turn as they push the truck. When turning the drum counterclockwise, the concrete (1x1 LEGO bricks) will begin to unload.

Mack Anthem truck set

The launch of the 2,595-piece LEGO Technic Mack Anthem building set coincided with the real truck going to market in 2018.  Features included the bulldog hood ornament and an interior complete with sun visors, adjustable seats and a bunk bed. A working driveline featured an engine with a spinning radiator fan and pistons that move in the correct firing sequence for a Mack MP engine. The set could also be used to create a fully functional Mack LR front loader refuse model. The set has since been retired.

Learn more about the Mack Anthem truck set here.

LEGO Technic mobile crane set

With a range of realistic features, the LEGO Technic mobile crane set operates just like a real crane. Use the outriggers to secure the crane in place, raise the boom and extend the 30-inch (78cm) telescopic crane arm to start hoisting. It also features eight-wheel steering, four individually controlled outriggers and two cabins.

Volvo EW160E wheeled excavator set

LEGO Technic's 1:20 scale model of a Volvo EW160E wheeled excavator featured 1,166 individual elements and an advanced pneumatic system for operation of the extendable boom and working bucket. Manual functions included a height-adjustable cab with a seat, armrests, adjustable mirrors, a rotating superstructure, rear-controlled front steering, a working front blade and extendable outriggers. The 2-in-1 model could also be rebuilt to create a Volvo L30G compact material handler. It has since been retired.

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