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Honda adds GFCI feature to additional generator models

Honda EB6500 Industrial Series Generator
Honda EB6500 Industrial Series Generator

Honda Power Equipment has announced that it has added ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) technology to three of its most popular generator models for commercial, rental and residential applications. At the 2016 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, an international event showcasing leading industry suppliers and dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries, Honda unveiled three enhanced models, the Honda EB6500 Industrial Series generator, the Honda EM5000 Deluxe Series generator and the Honda EG4000 Economy Series generator, each equipped with GFCI 20 amp duplex receptacles. GFCI protects a user from electrical shock by shutting down the circuit when current is flowing along an unintended path, or ground fault.

Focus on the Honda EB6500 Industrial Series generator

The flagship of the enhanced generator lineup is the Honda EB6500 Industrial Series model. Powered by the Honda iGX390 commercial grade overhead valve (OHV) engine and supported by a heavy-duty frame, the generator provides 6,500 watts 120/240V of backup power while incorporating premium features and benefits at an outstanding value. The EB6500 generator features the Honda exclusive Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation (iAVR) Power feature to enhance performance and power output, especially in demanding commercial and construction operating conditions. With the iAVR, the EB6500 can produce up to 7,000 watts of power for as long as 10 seconds, allowing the user to start high-amp load applications, such as air compressors, that require additional power to start. In addition, the Honda EB6500 boasts a long run time, (up to 10.4 hours at the 50 percent load) for extended work hours. A special muffler results in a quiet 75 dB(A) sound level. The generator also is equipped with a two wheel kit and lift hook, and is OSHA worksite compliant, meeting jobsite emission and safety requirements. In addition to air compressors, the EB6500 can power bench grinders (8 inch), circular saws (7 ¼ inch), concrete vibrators, drills, high-pressure washers (1 hp), table saws (10 inch) and industrial motors (up to 3 hp).

A closer look at the Honda EM5000 Deluxe Series generator

Providing 5,000 watts 120/240V of convenient, reliable backup power for commercial, rental and residential applications, the Honda EM5000 Deluxe Series generator features electric start, remote start capability and exceptionally long run times (as long as 11.2 hours at the 50 percent load) on one tank of fuel. Powered by the Honda iGX390 engine, the EM5000 operates at a low 72 dB(A) sound level. The generator includes the Honda exclusive iAVR Power feature that enhances generator performance and power output. In conventional generators, when a large load is applied, the engine’s rpm can drop. This causes the generator’s voltage and frequency to drop as well, until the rpm recovers. Generators with iAVR avoid this issue; when a load is applied, the Digital Auto Voltage Regulation (DAVR) and the iGX engine provide advanced and instantaneous engine rpm control. iAVR incorporates Honda DAVR that realizes a 50 percent reduction in voltage fluctuation over other AVR systems. The EM5000 can produce up to 7,000 watts for as long as 10 seconds. Applications include well pumps and sump pumps.

Honda EM5000 Deluxe Series Generator

Spotlight on the Honda EG4000 Economy Series Generator

The Honda EG4000 Economy Series generator produces 4,000 watts 120/240V of backup power. The EG4000 incorporates a number of advanced design features, including Digital Automatic Voltage Regulator (DAVR) technology for consistent stable power. The DAVR holds the voltage stable within one percent over time during standard operation and has a built-in self-diagnosis function to prevent engine speed from exceeding 4,140 rpm for longer than three seconds in varying voltage conditions. In addition, the DAVR adjustments are driven off the main winding, as compared to a sensor winding in conventional AVR systems. Boasting a run time up to 9.4 hours at the 50 percent load and a dB(A) rating of 72, the EG4000 generator features the Honda GX270 engine.

“Honda has built its reputation on developing products that improve people’s lives,” said Scott Conner, senior vice president, Honda Power Equipment. “Optimizing these three popular generator models with GFCI illustrates how Honda goes beyond developing innovative new products, also incorporating technology that enhances existing products, building unparalleled durability, quality and reliability into every Honda product.”

Honda Power Equipment markets a complete line of generators for commercial and consumer applications. Lightweight, compact Honda generators produce between 1,000 and 10,000 watts of power, providing smooth, dependable power for recreation, construction, rental, computers, appliances and emergency use. All Honda generators are powered by advanced Honda 4-stroke engines and incorporate technology that make Honda generators among the world’s quietest. Honda generators for typical residential use average 64-73 decibels dB(a) with the Super Quiet Series operating at noise levels as low as 49 decibels—roughly the noise level in a private office. All Honda generator models meet 50 state exhaust and evaporative regulations. These models also carry the Honda industry-competitive, commercial use three-year warranty. 

Honda EG4000 Economy Series Generator

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