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Another enhanced version is the RBS20HPX sleeper changing unit including the revolutionary HPXdrive. The ballast shield of the tool has the additional option of bolt-on buckets that can be used to not just push out the ballast from in between the sleepers, but actually shovel it out and place it at a designated place. The gripper unit of the attachment is equipped with the cylinderless, maintenance-free HPXdrive and is suitable for concrete as well as wooden sleepers without leaving any damage when clamping. An integrated 360° endless rotation provides additional flexibility as well as the adjustable plunge depth to adapt to the sleeper's height. 


Key Specifications
Gripping range 270 - 570 mm
Weight 1250 kg
Length 2800
Height 1340 mm
Width 1670 mm
Load capacity 2000 kg
Operating weight 12 - 24 t

Company Info

5040 Mainway drive, Unit #11
Burlington, Ontario, ON
CA, L7L 7G5


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