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Hydrema - 912HM Articulated Dump Trucks

It can't quite drive on water but the new Hydrema 912HM dump truck lets you to work in conditions and terrain that were previously out of bounds for normal dump trucks. With its 800 mm wide 30” wheels, high ground clearance and unique center pivot mounted precisely between the axles, this machine has some very unique characteristics. In soft terrain it will in many cases eliminate the need to lay out expensive trackway for more cost efficient and earthmoving. The 912HM’s low ground pressure - 7,6 PSI front/ 12,3 PSI rear- is ideal when it comes to installation and maintenance jobs on golf courses and similar soft conditions. We have a variety of tire options for different surfaces and like other Hydrema 912 models the HM is well known for being simple to operate and very safe and robust. Thus it is also very well suited as a rental machine.


Key Specifications
Total Weight 40,080 lbs
Load Capacity 22,046 lbs
Ground pressure, front/rear 7.6/12.3 psi

Company Info

1200 Northmeadow Parkway, Ste 180
Roswell, GA
US, 30076


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