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Terex Corporation - Bid-Well 3600 Concrete Pavers

The 3600 is a versatile concrete paving machine. Not only is it capable of efficiently paving bridges, but with the proper accessories can also be used to tackle the toughest road paving projects. With a multitude of available accessories, the 3600 Automatic Roller Paver can be outfitted to meet any job specifications.


Key Specifications
Truss Depth 36 in / 0.91 m
Operating Weight 7,760 lbs / 3,384 kg
Power: Standard Two 20 HP / 15 kW air-cooled gas engines
Machine Travel 3 ft / 0.9 m wheel base (two driver and two idler bogies)
Paving Width Standard: 32.5 ft / 9.9m ■ Minimum: 8 ft / 2.4 m ■ Maximum: 86 ft / 26.1 m

Company Info

200 Nyala Farm Road
Westport, CT
US, 06880


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