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Terex Bid-Well 3600 paver features new engine for durability, multiple options to increase flexibility

Terex Bid-Well 3600 paver.
Terex Bid-Well 3600 paver.

The versatile Terex Bid-Well 3600 automatic roller paver boasts new, more powerful fuel-injected gas engines that deliver reliable operation in the field. The 21-hp (15.6 kW) Kohler ECH650 engines powering the machine and paving carriage save up to 25 percent in fuel compared to similar-size carbureted engines and offer less downtime and maintenance over the life of the engine. The engine’s advanced oxygen sensor automatically analyzes the exhaust’s air/fuel mixture to deliver more reliable operation at altitude. Offering advanced diagnostic capabilities, technicians can quickly troubleshoot engine issues with the aid of a computer.

Working equally as well for concrete deck placement and the paving of standard duty slab-on-grade projects to increase machine utilization, the Terex Bid-Well 3600 paver offers a variety of standard paving widths ranging from 8 feet (2.4 m) to 86 feet (26.1 m). Its standard 18-foot (5.5-m) end segments offer 15 feet (4.6 m) of leg travel, so the paver can instantaneously offer up to 30-foot (9.1-m) variable width paving.

The paver’s available universal power crown adjuster makes quick and efficient crown adjustments, regardless of whether the machine is paving inline or at a skew. Independent motors for the front and rear frame enable the crown adjusters to be mounted inline or moved to adjacent hinge points opposite each other, giving operators the ability to quickly adjust the crown when paving at a skew. 

Equipped with the Terex Bid-Well exclusive swing leg design, the 3600 paver delivers zero-clearance paving, often required when paving in tight applications such as rehabilitation work and bridge deck overlays. When paving at cross slopes greater than 4 percent, the optional pivot leg configuration on display brings the paver to a true vertical operating position, reducing side forces placed on the rail system and eliminating the need for and expense of additional shoring.

Powered by its own 21-hp (15.6-kW) gas engine, the paving carriage features segmented upper and lower sections, keeping the upper segment clean to improve carriage longevity. The carriage’s exclusive Rota-Vibe system generates up to 5,000-vpm (83.3-Hz) vibration to effectively consolidate the slab’s top 2.5 inches (63.5 mm) of concrete, reducing the chance for chemical penetration through the surface down to the rebar.

The single drag pan configuration displayed on the show 3600 paver helps to effectively seal the concrete surface. The pan is equipped with the optional Terex Bid-Well fogging system, which atomizes the water to produce a true, light fog that keeps the concrete from drying too quickly to reduce cracking and produce a stronger surface. The system’s independently adjustable nozzles can be positioned to direct the fog where it is needed to adjust for wind, mix conditions or certain specifications.

Both the paving carriage and paver’s frame are equipped with lights from the available Terex Bid-Well LED lighting system. This feature increases machine visibility during night time paving and decreases the harsh shadows thrown by tower lights, allowing finishers to deliver a quality final product. With its integrated design eliminating the need for a generator, up to 12, 1-amp LED lights can be positioned virtually anywhere on the machine’s frame and up to 4 lights can be mounted directly to the paving carriage to illuminate the paver.

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