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Atlas Copco - T4BH Rotary Blast Hole Rigs

The T4BH is synonymous with mobility, power, performance and productivity. Mounted on a custom carrier, the T4BH is designed to perform in rough terrain and has been the leading blasthole drill in its class in the quarry and mining industries for over 35 years. The T4BH offers an optional angle drilling package remote propel, 7-rod drill pipe changer, torque limit control and many other options to meet your drilling needs.


Key Specifications
Hole diameter 5 5/8 - 9 7/8 inch (143 - 251 mm)
Weight on bit 30000 lb (13600 kg)
Estimated weight 58000 lb (26 t)
Maximum hole depth 147.5 ft (45 m)
Single pass depth, option 27 ft (6.8 m)
Maximum hole depth, option 177 ft (54.1 m)
Drilling method Rotary and DTH - Multi pass

Company Info

Sickla Industriväg 19
SE, SE-105 23 Stockholm


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