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Atlas Copco - DM30 II Rotary Blast Hole Rigs

The Atlas Copco DM30 II is a crawler mounted, hydraulic top-head drive, multi-pass rotary drilling rig featuring a 30 ft (9.1 m) drill pipe change and a standard 4-rod carousel. With a starter rod under the rotary head, the DM30 II has a total depth capacity of 145 ft (44.2 m).


Key Specifications
Hole diameter 5 31/32 - 7 27/32 inch (152 - 200 mm)
Weight on bit 30000 lb (13600 kg)
Estimated weight 70000 lb (31.75 t)
Maximum hole depth (145 ft) 44.2 m
Single pass depth 26 ft (7.9 m)
Drilling method Rotary and DTH - Multi pass

Company Info

Sickla Industriväg 19
SE, SE-105 23 Stockholm


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