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Atlas Copco - PowerROC T30 Track Drills

PowerROC T30 is a tophammer drill rig developed and optimized for construction work and quarrying applications where simple flexibility in positioning is required. It’s a perfect choice as a first step from pneumatic drill to mechanization. The straightforward design – with simple hydraulics and controls with focus on core functions in drilling – makes it a powerful, reliably and operator friendly rig with outstanding flexibility reach and ability in various applications. The highly efficient rock drill gives you more power for less input energy, resulting in less fuel consumption.


Key Specifications
Hole diameter 64 – 89mm (2 1/2” – 3 1/2”)
Weight (Single boom) 11,900 kg (26,230 lb)
Weight (Extendable boom) 12,300 kg (27,120 lb)
Power rating at 2300 rpm 119 kW 160 HP
Hole Range T38, T45 64 – 89 mm (2 1/2’’– 3 1/2’’)
Drilling method Tophammer

Company Info

Sickla Industriväg 19
SE, SE-105 23 Stockholm


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