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Atlas Copco - AirROC T25 Track Drills

AirROC T25 is a compact pneumatic tophammer drill rig suitable for quarries and construction. Its compact design is perfect for drilling in inaccessible and narrow places. The drill rig is easy to transport - light enough to be lifted by a helicopter - and very easy to set up and operate. Equipped with the robust and powerful rifle bar rotated rock drill BBC 120F, it has good drilling capability. Each track is powered by a hydraulic motor and a planetary gear drive.


Key Specifications
Hole diameter 48-76 mm (2”-3”)
Maximum Hole Depth 15 m
Drill steel 32 mm, 38 mm
Drilling method Tophammer

Company Info

Sickla Industriväg 19
SE, SE-105 23 Stockholm


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