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The ride-on, centre-articulated PTX44 is designed for installing fiber optic, electrical, gas and irrigation services. It’s a versatile machine that meets the needs of underground utility contractors, municipalities and landscaping professionals.

Powered by a 46.8 hp (34.9 kW) Kubota water-cooled gasoline engine, the PTX44 has 88.7 ft-lb (120.2 Nm) of torque to plow, trench or bore.

Features & Benefits


Features a dedicated plow [24” (60.9 cm) maximum installation depth] with the option to utilize a forward-mounted trencher [42” (106.7 cm) maximum trenching depth and 6” (15.2 cm) maximum trenching width] and/or bore attachment.


Electronic controls allow the operator to preset the creep speed to optimize performance on longer distance installations, enhancing productivity while helping to reduce operator fatigue.


The operator’s station is located at the centre of the service plow directly above the machine’s articulation point, providing excellent visibility of the work area.


Access to hydraulic and engine oil filters does not require removal of any shielding, making service and preventive maintenance more efficient.

Company Info

1210 Vermeer Road East
Pella, IA
US, 50219


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