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Indeco North America - ISS shears range Hydraulic Scrap Shears

Vital tools for anyone working in the scrap metal or recycling sectors, Indeco ISS Steel Shears stand out for their cutting-edge design, for their extreme robustness and for their technical innovations which substantially increase their efficiency.

Features & Benefits


The regeneration valve speeds up noload movement of the jaw, which opens and closes more quickly, thus reducing cycle times and increasing productivity.


The shear body is made from extra strength steel alloys, which eliminates all flexing.

Pack system

The exclusive integrated dual-guide pack system is used to adjust alignment and prevent deflection during the cutting cycle.

Cutting efficiency

The heavy-duty pivot group provides longterm cutting efficiency, keeps jaws aligned and prevents buckling.

Hydraulic cylinder

The large, powerful hydraulic cylinder is an exclusive Indeco design, and provides enough force to deal with any type of working conditions. Its long-lasting seals are designed to withstand up to 700 bars of pressure.


Key Specifications: 10 models
Steel shear weight (excluding mounting bracket) 3970 lb to 20500 lb
Clamping force class 600 tons to 2400 tons
Maximum clamping force at tip 65 tons to 235 tons
Frame width at pin 18 in to 32 in
Jaw opening at tip 20 in to 35 in
Jaw depth 20 in to 38 in