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Address 53 Carlaw Ave, Toronto, ON, M4M 2R6, CA
Phone (416) 465-7521
Fax (416) 465-4489
Website genscoequip.com
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Gensco hydraulic grabs with optional magnet

Gensco Equipment's latest RS and RSM Series hydraulic grabs have been designed to handle C&D debris, rocks, structural scrap, loose bundles and oddly shaped material. Units feature rugged construction and large openings. They are available with an optional, installed 24- or 230V DC Electro-Magnet. Key features of the RS/RMS series include: full 360-degree rotation; dangling adaptor or flex-mount 2-pin quick attach interchangeable hydraulic coupler; optimized and protected cylinders with breaking system; high quality construction with wear-resistant steel, resulting in reduced operational downtime; and easily changeable shovel or digging tips for versatility.