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Address 23455 Regency Park Drive, Warren, MI, 48089, US
Phone 586-756-6555 or 1-800-SALTERS
Fax 586-755-0338
Email [email protected]
Website trynexfactory.com

Based in Madison Heights, Michigan, TrynEx International is a global company with more than 1,500 dealers across the world representing its SnowEx, TurfEx and SweepEx product lines.

Based in Madison Heights, Michigan, TrynEx International is a global company with more than 1,500 dealers across the world representing its SnowEx, TurfEx and SweepEx product lines.

Al products under the TrynEx name are developed through innovation, built in the United States through advanced manufacturing practices and backed by an extensive dealer network. The company takes pride in its integrity, leadership and commitment to customers.

SnowEx products are designed to save money by reducing material waste and lowering maintenance requirements. They’re ideal for emergency preparedness and reducing the risk of slip-and-fall incidents. Through innovations such as polyethylene hoppers, electric drives and auger feed systems, SnowEx has become known as the “Leaders in Ice Control.”

TurfEx offers a wide range of equipment for the green industry. With a full line of spreaders, sprayers, brooms and more, TurfEx provides the professional-duty products needed to maintain a successful turf care program.

The SweepEx product line includes broom attachments for lift trucks, skid steers and other service vehicles. Featuring no moving parts, the brooms minimize work-related injuries and are occupational-safety compliant. They offer the ideal combination of high performance and low maintenance for maximum time savings.

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LED headlamps from SnowEx improve lighting for snowplows

SnowEx STORM SEEKER LED Headlamps with EdgeView Technology provide one of the widest, fullest and farthest light patterns of any snow plow lights on the market. Featuring a durable design and best-in-class LED output to simulate daylight, the headlamps produce up to twice the light output of halogen bulbs to increase safety and productivity while plowing.

Spray system gets performance upgrades

The SnowEx Liqui Maxx spray system has been enhanced for greater durability, performance and user friendliness, and now offers an electric start for the gas-powered deluxe model. Available with multiple tank sizes to fit a wide array of vehicles, the purpose-built Liqui Maxx system provides exceptional versatility for commercial anti-icing and deicing applications.

Pre-season spreader preparations

Imagine a teacher walking into the classroom on the first day of school having not touched a textbook or lesson plan since the spring. Or a professional athlete on opening day who hasn’t picked up a ball or hit the gym since the final play of the previous season. Chances are that these individuals are not ready to perform as expected.

Ground-drive spreaders

SnowEx introduces two new ground-drive spreaders for use on sidewalks, parking lots and other off-road applications. Equipped with lawn-and-garden style hitches, they are designed to tow behind compact tractors, ATVs and utility vehicles.

SnowEx unveils digital job tracker, designed to document and evaluate salt spreading applications

SnowEx unveils the V-Maxx Salt-Traxx digital job tracker, a new tool designed to help snow and ice management professionals document and evaluate their salt spreading applications. It simply plugs into the existing controller on select SnowEx V-Maxx spreaders and records important data, such as the amount of salt used and time spent on each job.

SnowEx V-Maxx 9500 Spreader

SnowEx introduces the V-Maxx 9500 spreader with a four-cubic-yard capacity hopper. The electric powered V-Maxx 9500 is ideal for municipalities and winter maintenance contractors. Designed for use with commercial-duty pickups, flatbed trucks and dump-bed trucks, the V-Maxx features all polyethylene-construction with the SnowEx Material Feed System. The material feed system consists of a multi-angle hopper design, heavy-duty auger drive, inverted-“V” baffle configuration and vibrator. The System’s multi-angle hopper helps provide a continuous flow of material to the auger drive; whether spreading 100-percent sand, 100-percent salt or any combination.

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