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Address 2601 Niagara Lane, Plymouth, MN, 55447, US
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New DuraPatcher ECO Released

Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group has redesigned their successful DuraPatcher trailer-mounted spray injection pothole patcher. The new DuraPatcher ECO combines environmental, safety and cost-saving features while maintaining the performance of the leading pothole patcher. The Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) cites spray injection as the most cost-effective and fastest pothole repair method.

DuraHook is the New Solution To Permanent Pothole Patching

DuraPatcher, has introduced the DuraHook for maximum utilization of truck chassis for contractors and public works departments. The roll-off DuraHook allows owners to change out tools in minutes. The DuraHook features the proven method of spray-injection patching used by thousands of DuraPatcher owners around the world. In national tests, spray-injection patching has ranked highest for cost effectiveness versus other methods including hot-mix patching.

Asphalt optimizer eases pothole patching

Pothole patching is easier with the new four-ton capacity, heated Asphalt Optimizer from Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group. Hot mix asphalt is loaded through easy opening top doors that provide excellent leverage with long handles that retract for transport. A convenient material door is operated by a large diameter wheel with locking ratchet. Operators can easily adjust the amount of gravity-fed mix that reaches the unloading tray. Easy shovel access and shovel storage reduce fatigue and improve efficiency.

Large tack kettle

The 500-gallon Cimline trailer-mounted Tack Kettle joins a 250 gallon model. Both models are designed for high performance heating and application of bituminous emulsions and tack coats. A staggered dual flue design offers even, energy-efficient heating. Fifty feet of retractable material hose and a lightweight spray wand offer convenient application. The new recirculation port allows the operator to place the wand in the kettle to keep material flowing minimizing flush outs between work stoppages. The large solvent/flush tank speeds clean-out at the end of the day.

Cimline’s new Metro Series melter applicators

Cimline has advanced the technology of cracksealing for pavement preservation with the new Metro Series melter applicators with 150-, 275- and 425-gallon capacities. A new hose carrier reduces operator fatigue. This three-section articulated boom keeps the hose low for better visibility, while providing added support. An additional benefit is the protection it provides in travel mode when wind buffeting can cause hose wear. The articulated boom is available for single or dual hose models.

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