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Noventa di Piave (VE), IT

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Concrete Construction

Carmix tools help increase productivity and improve quality of concrete batches

Carmix Bagger speeds up the process of loading mixers and batching plants.

Metalgalante has introduced new Carmix tools for contractors working with concrete on the job site. Carmix Bagger, a tool compatible with all Carmix machines, is set to increase their productivity at the work site, while the new Concrete Lab helps produce high-quality product. 

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Agile and powerful off-road dumper

Carmix Dumper D6 is the off-road dumper by Metalgalante Carmix that can meet from the simplest to the most demanding jobsite requirements. This 4X4X4 dumper features a specially sized chassis for off-road operations, can climb up to 30% slopes and travel smoothly on dirt roads as well as in quarries or opencast and underground mines.

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Reliable self-loading concrete mixer offers design and technological innovation

The new Carmix 3.500 TC is a self-loading concrete mixer that benefits from design, innovation and advanced technology. The search for a new design was based on the desire to offer well-finished machines that can ensure the highest level of performance and reliability on the worksite. And, of course, an "intelligent" design studied to offer even more comfort to users with more ergonomic controls, full-view visibility and an air-conditioned cab. Greater operator comfort means greater satisfaction, safety and productivity.

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Carmix TrailerPump 15 quality concrete arrives even higher and further

The Italian company Carmix increases the range of solutions for its machines with the new TrailerPump 15.

The Italian company has increased its range of solutions for its machines with the new Carmix TrailerPump 15 concrete pumps. Designed to transport concrete even higher and further, the new accessory is compatible with the entire range of self-loading cement mixers, from Carmix One to the latest one produced by Metalgalante: Carmix 3500 TC.

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