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Tel 905-890-1377
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Globalstar and Carmanah sign strategic agreement

Carmanah Technologies Corporation has announced a strategic agreement with Globalstar Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Carmanah will collaborate on the design and manufacture of new solar powered M2M satellite solutions for Globalstar as well as selecting the Globalstar low earth orbiting satellite constellation for remote connectivity of all strategic Carmanah products.

Global tracking solution

SMARTONE is Axonn’s newest global asset tracking solution that utilizes the highly reliable Globalstar Simplex data network and enables customers to track the location of their mobile assets virtually anywhere.

Satellite communication growing quickly in Canada

While cellular telephones are the most widely used wireless system in place right now, there are still blind spots, places where the signal can’t reach a transmitter to be broadcast onto the network.

Improving remote worker safety with satellite data communications

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires that companies be aware of their remote workers’ location at all times and that a viable communications device is present with workers in remote and dangerous conditions. Companies throughout Alberta are developing plans to ensure that they adhere to the legislation and to avoid potentially expensive penalties.