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Xtreme Manufacturing

Address 1415 W Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89106, US
Phone 702-636-2969
Fax 702-636-4943
Toll Free 1-800-497-1704
Email [email protected]
Website xmfg.com
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Elevating Efficiency: an in-depth look at high-capacity telehandlers

High-capacity telehandlers offer high lift and lifting capacity and are a more maneuverable option than cranes for moving and lifting materials around the jobsite. With a wide variety of attachments for handling materials from pipes to pallets, these machines are primed for work on construction sites, industrial applications, working in the oil and gas and mining industries, and stockpile management.

Wika Mobile Control installs qSCALE I2 LMI on Xtreme telehandler

Alden Equipment was recently awarded a government contract to deliver 60 Xtreme XR5919 telehandlers. Alden Equipment partnered with Wika Mobile Control (WMC) to install a qSCALE I2 load moment indicator (LMI) on each of the telehandlers. This system provides the operator with a display of the current load and geometric information, including the actual and allowable load, boom length, boom angle and load radius.

Xtreme Manufacturing unveils 10,000-pound capacity telehandler at CONEXPO 2017

At ConExpo 2017, Xtreme Manufacturing is unveiling a new telehandler which expands their 10,000 pounds capacity line. The new Xtreme XR1056 can lift loads up to 10,000 pounds, with a lift height of up to 56 feet. Engineered to withstand the toughest working conditions, this high-pivot telehandler is equipped with a heavy-duty steel frame, chassis and boom, as well as long-life boom rollers that require minimal maintenance and deliver a smooth boom operation for precision handling of loads.

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