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Address 1876 23rd St SE, Bemidji, MN, 56601, US
Phone 218-444-3030
Fax 218-444-9900
Website lavalleyindustries.com
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About LaValley

As founder and president of LaValley Industries, I am often asked, "How did you come up with the idea for the DECKHAND®?" It is a story that I love to share as it speaks not just to the invention of the DECKHAND® but to the overall spirit of our company.

I spent the majority of my early adulthood working in the directional drilling industry. I started out as a general laborer; slinging bags of mud around and eventually, worked my way up to be the Superintendent of my own crew. On job-sites, my crew and I often worked as human "deckhands" loading and unloading drill pipe.

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