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Lone Star Drills introduces new high-torque motor for large rig

Lone Star Drills, a division of Little Beaver Inc. and manufacturer of efficient and portable drilling equipment, introduces high-torque Rineer rotary vane hydraulic motors for its LS400T+. The powerful water well and geothermal drill is Lone Star's largest rig and efficiently drills as deep as 400 feet through hard rock and volcanic formations. The new hydraulic motor reduces rotary service time from days to less than an hour.

Little Beaver heavy-duty geotechnical drill rig

Little Beaver has introduced the new Lone Star LST1 heavy-duty geotechnical drill rig. The LST1G+HD drills to 100 feet with an optional 4.25-inch hollow stem auger. The new model offers enhanced power and capabilities when compared to Little Beaver’s smaller LST1G+ geotechnical drill. Little Beaver added a planetary reduction gearbox for more torque and a reduction mechanism for increased push/pull-back force over its standard geotechnical drill rig. It gives engineers and soil technicians an efficient, robust and dependable drill for standard penetration tests (SPT) and sampling soils for academic testing.

Little Beaver Trailer-Mounted Rig Simplifies Drilling in Remote, Rugged Areas

The LS300T+ trailer-mounted drill rig from Little Beaver gives water well drillers, soil samplers and geotechnical technicians the capabilities of a large drill rig in a lighter, more convenient package. It’s mounted to a 7,000-pound capacity, tandem-axle trailer that users can tow with a small, 4-wheel-drive pickup, SUV or basic utility vehicle (BUV) to access remote, rugged areas.

Towable drill for one-man hole digging

Little Beaver’s new HYD-NTV11H UN-Towable Drill offers an easily transportable solution for one-man hole digging projects. Incorporating heavy-duty construction and high quality features, the unit offers a more economical option, without sacrificing the power, efficiency, and reliability of similar towable units. Safe and productive for any drilling application, the unit is ideal for numerous industries including landscaping, fence and sign installation, and park and recreation departments. The NTV11H drill is easy to transport and maintain, making it an ideal addition to any rental center’s fleet.