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The LS400T+ is the largest in the Lone Star line, boasting a 400-foot drilling depth. The drill's hydraulic system features pull-back force of up to 15,000-pounds and push-down force up to 9,000-pounds for getting through dense rock formations. A three-way ball valve enables the operator to quickly bypass mudflow when adding pipe. It easily adapts to down-the-hole hammer drilling and offers an optional foam injection/lubricator. The LS400T+ ships fully assembled in a 20-foot container.


Key Specifications
Drilling Depth 400 ft (122 m)
Borehole Diameter 6 in (15 cm)
Pull/Push-Back Force 15,000 lbs/9,000 lbs (6.7 tons/4.02 tons)
Soil Types Sand, clay and soft and hard rock formations
Applications Water well drilling

Company Info

2009 South Houston
Livingston, TX
US, 77351


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