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Address 6535 Millcreek Drive, Unit 67, Mississauga, ON, L5N 2M2, CA
Phone 888-705-9444
Fax 905-672-3155
Email [email protected]
Website karcher.ca
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World of Concrete 2O18 Show Preview: Concrete construction products

SDS/2 has a building information modelling solution, SDS/2 Concrete, that enables multiple users to simultaneously build virtual concrete structures. The software's specialized tools allow for automated placement of reinforcing steel in the concrete. Users can automatically generate detailed bending and placing schedules, as well as placement drawings, from 3-D model information, saving time over traditional 2-D workflows.

Affordable mobile washing system

Kärcher-Shark has introduced a new affordable trailer to join its line of self-contained mobile wash packages designed for portable pressure washing operations. Trailer mounted pressure washers with self contained water tanks have grown more popular in the past few years. Typical users are construction companies, oil field operations, mines and municipalities.
These units provide a high degree of portability and the flexibility of pulling water from the on board 200-gallon water tank or from a garden hose supply. In field cleaning of machinery, trucks and highway signage are popular uses. The TRS-2500 is compatible with a broad selection of pressure washers and cleaning accessories.

Hot water pressure washers

Kärcher’s line of full-sized, electric-powered, diesel-heated hot water pressure washers includes eight models engineered to deliver cleaning power with up to 3,000 psi of pressure. All units come with a commercial-grade axial pump integrated with a four-pole, water-cooled motor, an anti-scale system, low-fuel shut-off, low-water shut-off and high-temperature protection.

Cleaner uses dry ice pellets to clean and lift grime

Kärcher Industrial Products has introduced a dry ice blaster, an effective and mess-free method for in-place cleaning that eliminates the need to disassemble or move machinery before it is cleaned. The new IB 15/80 Dry Ice Blaster uses compressed air to propel tiny dry ice pellets at supersonic speeds so they flash freeze and then lift grime, paint, rust, reins, mold, asphalt and other contaminants from off a broad range of surfaces. Moreover, the pellets quickly dissipate into the air so there’s no messy wastewater, solvents, sand or other media to dispose of, only the soiled contaminant that is easily swept up or vacuumed.