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FLO Components Ltd. is an automatic greasing systems specialist and leading supplier of “Total Lube Solutions” to major manufacturers, trucking companies, mining and construction companies and other heavy equipment users in Ontario.  Established in ON in 1977 and based in Mississauga, FLO uses application expertise and qualified service technicians to provide cost effective Solutions for all types of lubrication and fluid handling applications and help clients reduce unscheduled downtime and improve productivity.  FLO designs, assembles and installs the highest quality automatic lubrication systems for transportation, construction and municipal equipment users using components from industry leaders such as SKF, Lincoln, Fairview, CoreLube, Petro-Canada, Graco, Perma and other world class manufacturers. 

FLO Solutions include: systems design, auto lube systems, hammer lube systems, fluid dispensing systems, general lube equipment, specialty lubricants, trouble-shooting, in-house & on-site service, lubrication audits, on-site installation, complete on-site personnel training, scheduled on-site maintenance programs, and a factory authorized warranty & service facility.  

For more information on FLO’s product or service offerings, call TOLL free at (800)668-5458, e-mail [email protected] or visit online at www.flocomponents.com.


Designed for extreme weather conditions and severe job requirements often faced in Canada, the completely reliable and fully automatic FLO Lubrication System will increase your component life and overall productivity. The system dispenses small measured amounts of grease at frequent intervals while your equipment is operating, maintaining a consistent lubricant seal to prevent dirt and contaminants from migrating into bearings. It will help keep your equipment out on the job and reduce your labor costs when compared to the traditional method of point-by-point manual greasing.

Increases life of critical wear points = Protect your investment. 

Less unplanned downtime = Increase profits.  

Reduces operator involvement = Keep them focused on their primary job.   

Improves safety = No climbing over and under equipment to lubricate. 

Fewer replacement parts to stock = Lower operating costs.   

Increases resale value of equipment   

“For off-road applications, a typical FLO installed system consists of a 12/24 VDC Lincoln Series 203 pump, positive displacement grease metering valves, fittings, tubing, hose and custom guarding for heavy equipment. Pumps include an integrated adjustable timer for trouble-free operation and maximum flexibility. Reservoirs range from 5 to 15 pounds. This system is suitable for most off-the-shelf North American greases currently in your shop. It will handle lubricants up to an NLGI #2 rating to -25°C or -13°F.


For on road applications, a typical FLO solution is an SKF MonoFlex single-line system, consisting of a gear pump and reservoir available in 2.7 Litre (6 lb.) and 6 Litre (13 lb.) sizes, external control unit and parallel type piston distributors. The timer-controlled pump supplies fluid grease to the distributor blocks via the main line when the pump is in operation. At the end of the pump run-time, the pressure relief valve opens and the spring-loaded pistons in the distributors discharge independently of each other, precisely measured amounts of lubricant from the metering chambers to the lubrication points. This system operates with any fluid grease NLGI #000 to 00 that meets system specifications, down to -25 °C or -13 °F.


Our on-site system installation, conducted by trained technicians with fully equipped Mobile Workshops allows you and your personnel to focus on critical day-to-day activities. FLO's Industry exclusive Mobile Workshops are equipped with hydraulic crimpers, welding equipment and on-site inventory, giving FLO a greater ability to adapt to on-site changes.


No matter the industry or application, you will always have critical points to manually grease. Usually performed during routine maintenance, tools and equipment varies depending on each piece of equipment's specific requirements. Given that the effectiveness of your manual lubrication program is dependent upon your lubricator, giving the technician the right tools for the job is critical. We supply a full line of greasing and fluid handling products:  

Positive Displacement Metering Valves

Grease guns and accessories 

Grease pumps, swivels 

Hose reels 

Grease tubing 

Grease fittings, adaptors and more   

FLO also provides Solutions for bulk handling and dispensing of lubricants.


Our in-house service personnel are factory trained and certified and factory authorized to do warranty repairs. We stock a complete range of common repair parts in order to keep your equipment working at full capacity.  Call to arrange for service on all types of automatic greasing systems, grease and oil pumps, air-operated diaphragm pumps, grease guns, nozzles, and accessories.

Bulk Handling & Garage Solutions


With the ever-increasing cost of lubricants and increased focus on environmental handling, having the proper system for your operation is more critical than ever before. FLO’s solutions include all the necessary components to safely store, dispense and track your lubricant usage. Our products are found everywhere bulk lubricants are dispensed. Maintenance shops for vehicle service, mining, industrial, railroad, construction, agriculture and over-the-road trucking applications all benefit from FLO’s line of Lincoln lubrication equipment. 

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Automatic Lubrication Systems specialist FLO Components Ltd. continues to expand its resources to better serve construction, road building, aggregate, trucking, manufacturing and processing companies in Manitoba and Ontario.  We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Munroe as Territory Sales Manager - Southern Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario.  

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