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FLO Components Ltd. - FLO SKF MonoFlex Automatic Lubrications Systems

FLO’s installed SKF MonoFlex Automatic Greaser is a single-line grease system, consisting of a gear pump and reservoir available in 2.7 Litre (6 lb.) and 6 Litre (13 lb.) sizes, external control unit and parallel type piston distributors. The timer-controlled pump supplies fluid grease to the distributor blocks via the main line when the pump is in operation. When the metering chambers of the distributors are full, the excess grease flows back into the reservoir via a safety valve. 

At the end of the pump run-time (start of the interval-time), the pressure relief valve opens and drops the main line residual pressure to 3 to 15 psi. The spring-loaded pistons in the distributors then discharge independently of each other, precisely measured amounts of grease from the metering chambers to the grease points. On a transport truck, our Automatic Greasing System typically services your king pins, tie rods, steering drag link, slacks, spring pins, transmission cross shaft, brake shafts and fifth wheel if applicable.


Key Specifications
Reservoir Sizes 2.7 Litre (6 lb.) and 6 Litre (13 lb.)
Pump Electric 12/24 VDC
Individual Distributors Adjustable to rates of 0.1 to 0.4 cm³

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