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Updated Vermeer tractor powers through trenching, plowing, or rockwheel work

A tracked ride-on tractor working in a field with a cable spool mounted.
The RTX1250 tractor has been updated with improved operator comfort, technology, and performance features. Vermeer

Vermeer has updated the RTX1250 ride-on tractor to improve efficiency and performance for a variety of roles in installation of gas, fiber, water, and electrical utilities.

The versatile RTX1250 can run as a trencher, rockwheel, or vibratory plow with interchangeable attachments. These can be switched out in as little as an hour, offering options such as a backhoe, backfill blade, or reel carrier attachment on the front of the machine and a vibratory plow, rockwheel, sliding offset rockwheel, sliding offset trencher, or trencher for the back end.

Powered by a 127-hp Deutz diesel engine, the RTX1250 carries Vermeer onboard technology including the TrenchSense electronic control system and EcoIdle engine control. These systems actively monitor the engine's operations to promote smooth trenching, prevent stalls, and optimize fuel efficiency.

Other performance enhancing features include the Productivity Zone feature and Auto Plunge technology, which determine the optimal operating range and ground speed for attachments in use, and by controlling the plunge rate for trencher or rockwheel attachments, respectively.

Operator comfort and visibility are emphasized in the updated tractor. Controls are placed on the right-hand side of the machine, in line with the seat's pivot. An isolated, cushioned operator's platform and optional climate-controlled cab reduce operator fatigue and stress.

Depending on job requirements, the ride-on tractor can be outfitted with rubber tires or tracks.

The RTX1250 is Vermeer Fleet ready, meaning owners can stay in sync with their machine's operations and optimize productivity. Vermeer Telematics allows for monitoring of engine operating hours, idle hours, fuel usage, fault codes, and the machine's location. Geofencing capability is also incorporated.

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