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Suite of data solutions improves truck fleet management

Volvo Connect is a one-stop portal for monitoring the health and efficiency of vocational trucks

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Connect is available on Volvo trucks equipped with 4G Telematics Gateway, including VHD vocational models. Volvo Trucks

Data collection and analysis is a growing part of managing fleets – it's important for you to understand how your trucks are being used, driven, and serviced to ensure efficiency and lower costs. Volvo Trucks has combined key data solutions into a one-stop package for owners and managers of its vehicles, including vocational trucks.

Volvo Connect is the latest innovation in fleet management from Volvo Trucks. Launched in late 2023, almost 40 percent of eligible Volvo trucks are already connected, and that growth is expected to continue.

A single portal for all truck operational data

Volvo Trucks has previously offered factory-equipped telematics hardware on its vocational and highway trucks, as well as Remote Diagnostics with remote programming capabilities.

The ability to view all the data collected through telematics through a single portal is a valuable time-saving opportunity for owners and managers, and that is the motivation behind Volvo Connect.

"Volvo Connect is an all-in-one portal for our customers to access connectivity data. It is where they can find all the Volvo trucks in their fleet, access reports for fuel economy and safety, locate every truck's near-real-time position, provide status on traffic information and route history, see fault codes for any truck in their fleet, and visualize software updates and parameter settings," says Chayene De Souza, product marketing manager for safety and services, Volvo Trucks North America.

Connect plays into Volvo Trucks' priorities of safety and sustainability by providing a snapshot of truck operations, including everything from fuel consumption and idle time through vehicle speed and seat belt use, while also managing overall efficiency and ensuring the fleet is operating at its full potential.

De Souza also notes that the variety of tools within Volvo Connect provide highway or vocational truck fleet managers with a single access point for information about their vehicles. They don't need to log in to multiple portals as required by many third-party offerings.

Volvo Connect is a one-stop portal for fleet managers to review the status of their Volvo vocational and highway trucks. Volvo Trucks

Keep an eye on all aspects of usage and location

Connect is available on all Volvo trucks with 4G Telematics Gateway (TGW), which includes most trucks from 2018 and newer, De Souza says, and gives users access to a broad range of solutions.

Maps available through Volvo Connect allow near-real-time vehicle monitoring and route information, including truck speed and location, fuel level, odometer, and engine hours. Managers can also review basic information about each truck, including specs and the status of any subscriptions that may be active.

Reports generated through Volvo Connect allow for analysis of the fuel and safety performance of the fleet. "As you analyze trends, you can reveal your key performance metrics to improve the efficiency of trucks and drivers," De Souza describes.

Sustainability metrics like fuel economy and time in idle are easier to track through the Connect portal, as are safety measures such as the status of driver seat belts.

Remote diagnostic services are expanded in Volvo Connect as a basis for improving maintenance programs. Pairing with the ASIST service tracking solution, constant monitoring through Remote Diagnostics ensures that fault code notices are colour-coded by importance. Key components and systems are monitored for problems, so that if a fault is detected the maintenance or repairs needed can be undertaken quickly and maximize vehicle uptime. Each truck's service and ASIST history is retained in Connect for easy reference.

Using Volvo Connect, fleet managers can now decide on the best time to push over-the-air remote updates to their trucks without taking them out of service.

Drivers keep in touch with My Truck app

Connect is targeted toward fleet managers and owners who need insights on fleet status and health. Drivers are able to connect with their trucks via the My Truck app.

"We are the first OEM in the North American industry to launch an app for the driver," De Souza says. "With the My Truck app, drivers have the ability at their fingertips to see important status areas of their truck. The app shows fuel range, coolant, and DEF levels, and supports the driver with notifications on potential issues such as light malfunctions and low washer fluids."

Drivers can use the app to remotely start the climate system and schedule days and times for it to start automatically.

Both Volvo Connect and the My Truck app have been well received. Thirty-eight percent of eligible trucks took up Volvo Connect within four months of its launch, and De Souza expects that number to grow. Volvo Trucks is using customer response and input to guide the future development of Connect.

"We will continue to develop this platform to support our customers' needs," De Souza says. "We are already getting good feedback from our customers, which helps to direct our next developments to continue to grow this very powerful tool."

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