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AFEX heavy equipment fire suppression systems now available from FLO Components

A fire suppression system being demonstrated on a forestry machine.
AFEX vehicle fire suppression systems for heavy equipment are now available from FLO Components in Ontario and Manitoba. FLO Components

FLO Components has reached an agreement to represent AFEX vehicle fire suppression systems in the Americas, Ontario, and Manitoba. AFEX systems are purpose-built to withstand the everyday abuse experienced by heavy-duty mobile equipment.

Construction equipment running hotter and operating around the clock raises the risk of fires. If one piece of mobile equipment catches fire at a work site, the impact can be devastating. There is potential for operator injury, along with halted production while replacement machines are sourced. Resources can be lost, and insurance costs may rise.

At a show we did in January, one of our customers was telling us that just over a year ago they had a live-bottom truck catch fire inside the service area.  They lost not only the truck, but the entire service bay and the office connected to it," said FLO Vice President Mike Deckert. "You don't think about the dangers until it happens, and then the results are catastrophic.  Vehicle fire suppression systems effectively detect threats ranging from engine to debris fires and protect your people and assets."

AFEX has been in business for more than 50 years, producing systems specific for heavy equipment. Deckert said FLO was recommended to AFEX as an industry leader and provider of lubrication systems and solutions for heavy machinery. The opportunity was a good fit for both companies.

"We're excited to welcome FLO Components to AFEX's esteemed group of distributor partners," said Jeannette Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AFEX Fire Suppression Systems. "This partnership underscores our dedication to delivering top-tier suppression systems and unmatched support to the owners of heavy-duty mobile equipment. FLO Components aligns seamlessly with our values of excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, and so we trust that this collaboration will allow us to strengthen our presence in the Canadian market."

As part of the agreement, Fire Risk Assessments, system design, installation, and inspections will be conducted by factory-trained FLO Components personnel.

"At FLO Components, we provide turnkey solutions to take away our customers' pain.  We see fire suppression as a perfect product for us as it further enhances FLO Components' ability to help customers protect their equipment and employees," added Deckert.

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