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Roundup: Winter maintenance tips for wheel loaders, compact equipment, haulers, and more

A compact excavator is parked in a snow-filled forest
A Takeuchi TB250-2 Takeuchi-US

Snow and ice, frozen ground, and plunging temperatures may all pose significant challenges for your operators and equipment through the winter, but with proper preparation and operation, your equipment can excel in the most stubborn Canadian cold. To help keep your operation moving, we've gathered our latest coverage with advice for winter maintenance and operation to help keep your compact machines, haulers, and wheel loaders ready to get the job done.

Common wintertime compact excavator operating errors and how to avoid them

Operating a compact excavator in winter? You need to know a lot to make sure your machine stays in tip-top shape. You'll also need to know what not to do. The reality is that winter brings a diverse set of challenges that operators need to manage. Whether it's leaving material in the tracks, leaving the machine outside on damp ground, or not properly warming up the machine, many operating errors can easily be avoided.

Find out the four common wintertime operating errors operators can avoid in the full article.

A DEVELON wheel loader pushes snow on a job site. DEVELON

9 tips to prep your wheel loader for winter work

Wheel loaders are great to tackle the snow and ice that come with winter. They can lift and dump frozen materials with ease and push hard-packed snow. But for your wheel loader to excel in these cold conditions, you first need to make sure it is properly prepped. Experts from DEVELON and Conestoga Contracting in Elmira, Ontario, have shared tips to make sure you can get the most out of your wheel loader this winter.

Read the full article to find out these nine essential tips.

A Rokbak RA30 articulated hauler Rokbak

How to maintain Rokbak haulers when cold weather creeps in

Keeping a hauler running throughout the cold winter is essential to keep operations and productivity moving. Contractors and operators need to know how to tackle the challenges that come with winter operations. Caring for the cooling system, correct battery storage, and utilizing arctic fuel are some of the ways to help maintain your hauler. Rokbak shared 10 tips to help make sure you properly maintain your hauler in cold conditions.

Find out more about Rokbak's cold weather hauler tips in the full article.

With a little bit of know-how, many of these potential cold weather problems can be avoided. The Toro Company

Cold weather prep for compact utility loaders

When combined with the right attachment, compact utility loaders can excel in cold weather. These machines can use blades and buckets to move snow and spread salt and their compact size and manoeuvrability help them excel with these tasks. But in order to excel in cold temperatures, they need to be properly prepped. That's why The Toro Company has shared five tips to help you keep your compact utility loader running properly in winter.

Read the full article and find out how to prep your compact utility loader for the cold.

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