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How LeeBoy and Portable Electric are advancing electrification in asphalt paving

An electric asphalt paver next to a portable charger.
LeeBoy recently used a Portable Electric Voltstack 30k e-Charger to power its electric 8520C E-Paver. LeeBoy

Asphalt paving equipment manufacturer LeeBoy and Portable Electric, which makes portable and mobile e-Chargers and e-Generators, are working together to advance electrification in asphalt paving.

The 8520C E-Paver introduced by LeeBoy at CONEXPO 2023 is a commercial-class electric asphalt paver that uses various electric vehicle components and propulsion technologies supplied by General Motors, along with engineering assistance from Engine Power Source and Powertrain Control Solutions.

During a recent demonstration, the Portable Electric Voltstack 30k, an all-in-one mobile site power and equipment charger, played a key role in successfully charging the 8520C E-Paver, ensuring maximum uptime performance. LeeBoy is utilizing the Voltstack 30k unit as both companies collaborate to explore future solutions for paving electrification.

Voltstack chargers are versatile on-site power solutions for construction job sites. The Voltstack 30k e-Charger is a silent, emission-free on-site power source with a number of charging solutions. It has an innovative "Smart Hybrid" feature that integrates with traditional gas or diesel generators to optimize efficiency and reduce emissions.

"We are excited to collaborate with Leeboy in electrifying the paving industry," says Keith Marett, CEO of Portable Electric. "This collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey to redefine how paving is done, focusing on efficiency, innovation and the ability to meet future demands of the industry."

"Working with Portable Electric is a significant step forward. The Voltstack ecosystem will play a crucial role in ensuring the success of our electric equipment and maximizing uptime on our construction projects," says Chris Broome, senior product manager at LeeBoy. "Today, with the Voltstack Level 2 e-Charger, we have the ability to recharge the paver for 15 minutes at Level 2 and get an extra 19 tonnes of asphalt. In terms of future solutions, Level 3 is critical to our success. With Level 3 charging, the same 15-minute charging window will lead to an additional 57 tonnes of asphalt. That extra production will be game-changing."

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