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Kubota debuts new compact tractor series with updated controls and operator comfort features

A compact tractor scooping gravel from a pile.
The LX20 series from Kubota includes three models, including the 35-horsepower LX3520. Kubota

The LX20 Series of compact tractors is a new collection of machines that are Kubota-built front to rear and incorporate innovations that add value for users.

The LX20 series includes the LX3520 and LX4020 to start, with 35 and 40 horsepower options and upgrades such as improved comfort and operator controls, noise reduction, premium loader operability, and increased travel speed. In addition, the LX3520 Narrow has been debuted. This machine has a width of less than 40 inches, for ease of use in tight spaces.

"The new LX20 Series models represent the core pillars of Kubota's compact tractor lineup, built with quality, durability and performance in mind," said Chris Isaac, Product Manager, Compact Utility Tractors, Kubota Canada. "Available with a variety of implements, the versatility of the LX3520 and LX4020 make them invaluable property maintenance tools for easy material handling and transport. The size of the equipment is just right in that it allows users to operate in tighter areas and be nimble, without sacrificing power, performance, or comfort."

The LX20 Series brings maximum comfort to the operator thanks to the integrated cab, complete with features that prioritize noise reduction. The 4-pillar design with rounded glass gives the operator plenty of space and panoramic views, while the high back suspension seat is specifically designed to absorb shock and reduce operator fatigue. The large, flat deck provides abundant legroom and makes it easier to enter and exit the tractor, as does the door's wide opening. Each tractor has ergonomic lever grips and a steering wheel for easy access and smooth low-vibration operation during any application, as well as powerful LED work lights to provide strong visibility at night.  

The LX3520 and LX4020 include an independent, clutchless PTO switch for simple engagement and disengagement while in operation and Kubota's proven three-range HST transmission, which provides optimal speeds. The LX20 series can also be equipped with Land Pride's Quick Hitch, a feature that greatly improves ease of switching out rear implements and reducing the time it takes to do so.

The 35- and 40-horsepower models meet a variety of needs and boast a new 3-point lift capacity of 1968 pounds, nearly 300 pounds more than the current LX3310 model. The Kubota 4-Point Quick Connect Front Hitch lets the operator connect and disconnect the front PTO-driven attachments quickly, while the dual engine memory switch allows the operator to easily adjust the ideal engine RPM with just the press of the button. The stylish, newly adapted brush guard option helps prevent the bonnet and grill from being damaged, and the auto throttle links the engine speed to the travel speed so that the operator can control the engine RPM with the HST pedal.

The Kubota-designed and built LA545 loader matched to the LX3520 and LX4020 has premium valving, allowing simultaneous boom and bucket operation with a regenerative circuit that makes it comfortable to operate.

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