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Compactor, grapple, and snowblower expand Kubota line of CE attachments

A compact track loader uses a snow blower on a snowy driveway
A line of snow blowers with varying power options to better match with Kubota machines has been introduced. Kubota

Kubota and Land Pride have announced new construction attachments that include a line of vibratory compactors, a grapple, and snow blowers. The attachments are performance-matched to Kubota machines and expand an already diverse collection of offerings for the construction sector.

A new line of plate compactors are matched to Kubota excavators in the 3- to 8-ton range They effectively compact soil and aggregate in open trenching, levelling, and embankment construction applications. These compactors are built durable and ready for everyday use by construction crews in concrete applications and municipal work. The AP-PC400, 700, and 1000 are available at Kubota dealerships.

A compact claw grapple will give landscapers and others the ability to move brush, limbs, and rocks easier. Kubota

Dealerships will begin stocking the AP-CGC1040 compact claw grapple in May 2023. Made from high-tensile AR400 steel, the claw is performance-matched to the Kubota SCL1000 stand-on compact loader power unit. It is 300 pounds in weight, and 40 inches wide, making it useful for landscapers looking to move brush and limbs or set large stones. The width allows the grapple access through narrow residential gates.

Two new snow blower models have been introduced, the SBL30 and SBL 35, which are available with hydraulic flow rates to match a number of Kubota power units, including the SSV and SVL lines. SBL30 models feature two motor options to accommodate lower flow machines, while the SBL35 has one motor available and matches the high-flow capabilities of the SVL97-2. Optional bolt-on wings add an additional four inches of width, and an optional fold-over chute makes it possible to direct snow more precisely.

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