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Maxi-Metal delivers first electric utility truck to Hydro Quebec

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Hydro Quebec has accepted delivery of the first of ten MAXI-METAL electric walk-in utility vehicles on an International eMV electric truck chassis. Maxi-Metal

Maxi-Metal, Inc. has delivered a new walk-in utility vehicle on an International eMV electric truck chassis to Hydro Quebec. The delivery represents the first of ten electric walk-in utility vehicles Max-Metal will manufacture for Hydro Quebec in 2023. The International eMV series truck chassis features an electric drive motor provided by Hydro Quebec subsidiary, TM4, with a battery capacity of 135 miles.

"Our organization has grown substantially in recent years, and the trajectory of our growth will only continue, requiring additional linesman and network maintenance staff who will need service vehicles above and beyond our fleet replacement units," says  François Barrette, director of transportation services at Hydro Quebec. "We have been involved in the research and development of electric vehicles for 30 years, and we are proud to have the opportunity to integrate the International eMV commercial truck chassis in the production of our new electric walk-in utility vehicles. Our goal is to electrify and decarbonize every time we have an opportunity to do so, in every segment of our fleet." 

Hydro Quebec's Maxi-Metal walk-in service truck model will feature a 33,000-pound GVWR International eMV chassis powered by a TM4 electric drive motor and 135-mile range battery pack. The 20-foot custom-designed service body will feature heat and A/C along with a severe-duty polyurethane insulation package for extreme climates. The truck upfit will include gear lockers, tool chests, and workbenches, as well as a custom nose-cone and cab cut-out design for direct access to the service area without having to exit the vehicle.

Hydro Quebec's power production spans 62 generating stations, over 21,000 miles of high-voltage lines, and over 66,000 miles of distribution lines in Quebec. While providing electricity to the entire province, the company also exports more than 35 terawatt-hours per year to the northeast region of the United States. To maintain the facilities and the grid, Hydro Quebec operates nearly 10,000 pieces of equipment across 35 fleet garages.

"Decarbonization has become a major priority for our customers, and we are excited to expand our product offerings with these new electric utility vehicles," says Christopher Sapienza, Max-Metal's director of sales and marketing. "There are now several options for electric truck chassis in the market, making it possible for us to design and build solutions tailored to our customer's needs. Hydro Quebec is the perfect customer for us to begin collaborating with on these new electrified products, thanks to our over 30-year relationship. Our teams have been working together for 15 months on the design to ensure these trucks will meet their operational goals."

The first two electric Maxi-Metal utility trucks will go into service at Hydro Quebec over the spring of 2023. Eight additional units will follow in the fall, with the expectation all ten units will be in service before the end of the year.

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