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LineWise’s new telehandler guard arm increase operator safety when catching falling lines

A fork-mounted guard arm on a white background
A LineWise fork-mounted guard arm LineWise

LineWise has launched a new fork-mounted guard arm that helps prevent conductors from falling into the right-of-way crossings. The guard is designed to easily mount to the pallet forks on a telehandler and utilizes safety measures to securely catch falling lines.

The guard arm has a 1,200-pound capacity and a 12-foot-wide span from tip to tip with the ears installed. Its size allows it to accommodate a variety of distribution lines. When not in use, the ears can be stowed on the unit to maintain a more compact profile. The guard arm also includes a cross roller with bearings to facilitate movement if a conductor lands on it.

The guard arm can be installed or detached in approximately 30 seconds with no adapter needed. A rear locking pin, which meets OSHA requirements, securely holds the unit in place on the forks.

The guard arm weighs 607 pounds (275 kg) and can be used on all telehandlers with a capacity of 8,000 pounds (3,629 kg) or greater. It has been officially approved for use on various telehandler models from Xtreme Manufacturing.

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