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Yanmar launches its first compact track loader at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023

A compact track loader dumps a bucket of dirt on a job site
A Yanmar TL100VS compact track loader Yanmar Compact Equipment

Yanmar Compact Equipment has introduced the TL100VS compact track loader – the first machine in Yanmar's new compact track loader line. The loader is designed specifically for the construction, utility, and rental industries. The CTL was launched at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.

"We are thrilled to introduce the new TL100VS to Yanmar's lineup of reliable compact equipment," says Buck Storlie, product manager for Yanmar Compact Equipment. "The TL100VS is a perfect example of Yanmar's dedication to providing customers with a full line of compact equipment in North America." 

Performance of Yanmar's TL100VS

The TL100VS comes equipped with a 103.5 horsepower Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engine and standard 40 gpm high flow to optimize performance capacity and efficiency on the job site. The machine has a 3,600-pound standard operating capacity and a 10,286-pound tipping load. Travel speeds reach up to eight mph while a ground pressure of 4.5 psi allows for smooth performance on sensitive and unstable surfaces.

The new construction-grade loader features a torsion axle suspended undercarriage with a pivot link system at the rear axle. This linkage technology uses a spring load to reduce oscillation and stabilize the machine, helping to improve material retention and ride quality. Additionally, the TL100VS includes large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps, transferring more flow and pressure directly to the attachment and reducing power loss.

The TL100VS has 360-degree visibility and a seven-inch colour display. Operators can work longer days in comfort with a standard suspended seat and improved safety with a removable roof hatch escape.

Optional efficiency-enhancing features

The TL100VS includes several optional efficiency-enhancing features. These include a load sensing system, work tool positioner, return-to-position technology, self-levelling, ride control, and auto two-speed capabilities. These optional features help improve productivity on the job site and level out the learning curve for new operators to expedite the training process. 

The load-sensing system on the TL100VS offers both improved efficiency and fuel savings. The system regulates the 40-pgm hydraulic pump so that it only produces what's necessary to complete the work rather than using maximum flow all the time. 

The work tool positioner allows operators to create a preset for the angle of the attachment based on the task at hand, allowing a return to position at the push of a button. Similarly, return-to-position technology complements the work tool positioner by allowing operators to set a designated height for the loader arms. The work tool positioner and return-to-position features can be paired together or used independently.

Operators can move material faster with less loss using the self-levelling and ride control features of the TL100VS. The self-levelling technology uses dual-direction capabilities to automatically level the load both while raising the loader arms and – unlike many other CTLs – while lowering them. Speed-sensitive ride control allows for enhanced material retention at higher speeds without needing to actively switch the feature off while switching to more slow-moving applications like grading. As the compact track loader starts moving above a certain speed, the ride control automatically activates to enhance suspension and reduce spillage. When the machine starts to slow down, the system deactivates. Operators can adjust the default speeds for ride control based on personal preference. 

Auto two-speed allows the compact track loader to shift automatically between low and high-speed modes. This creates a smoother transition between the two modes, providing operators improved control while working in tight places, grading or in other applications that require finite control, as well as allowing a faster increase in speed while travelling longer distances such as between work areas. 

New technology in the TL100VS compact track loader

The TL100VS incorporates Yanmar's optional SmartAssist telematics from the company's mini excavator line. Features range from error detection and notification to real-time operational status updates and daily work reports. SmartAssist also includes integrated theft protection, allowing the machine's owner to set a range from a specific location and trigger an alert if that range is exceeded. 

The compact track loader will also include a new remote-control option. The feature is available as a factory or field-install option and allows operators to control the loader from a distance with a harness-mounted control box. The new feature improves operator safety in potentially dangerous situations such as on steep slopes. It also increases operator independence when they may benefit from a larger view of the job site during operation or the ability to complete tasks outside of the loader without needing to get in and out of the cab. 

Serviceability of Yanmar's first compact track loader

Ease of serviceability will certainly stand out to operators with features like easily accessible daily checkpoints and removable skid plates for quick cleaning when needed. The TL100VS also includes three-panel engine access plus a swing-out radiator that requires no tools to open. 

The TL100VS' steel-embedded rubber-tracked undercarriage provides construction-grade reliability. Heavy-duty bar-tread tracks complement the undercarriage through improved ride quality and increased vibration resistance. The bar-treaded tracks also increase traction in extreme conditions such as snow, mud, and soft soils.

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