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Weekly recap: behind the scenes of Cat Trial 13, Topcon and Vodafone to develop positioning system, and more

Weekly recap: behind the scenes of Cat Trial 13, Topcon and Vodafone to develop positioning system, and more

Safety enhancements are continually being developed in the industry. This week saw IPAF updating their accident reporting dashboard, allowing users to compare their safety statistics against the wider industry. Genie released a new white noise alarm that helps reduce noise emissions on job sites by up to 45 percent. Plus, Kal Tire will showcase two prototypes – and more – at Electra Mining 2022 that aim to increase the safety of operators and technicians. Vodafone and Topcon have partnered to develop a positioning system capable of locating machinery within centimetres. Caterpillar also released Cat Trial 13: Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site this week and Heavy Equipment Guide got behind-the-scenes-access to the filming. Here are five articles from this week you won't want to miss.

The making of Cat Trial 13 "Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site"

Caterpillar has returned with Cat Trial 13: "Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site" which is based on the best-selling children's book written by Sherri Duskey Rinker and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld. The video highlights Caterpillar service and maintenance vehicles that come to life when equipment goes to bed. Heavy Equipment Guide Editorial Director Arturo Santiago was given behind-the-scenes access as the video was filmed and saw how Caterpillar brought a memorable children's book to life.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of Cat Trial 13 in the full article.

The IPAF accident reporting dashboard compares two charts.

Compare safety incidents against the industry with IPAF's enhanced accident reporting dashboard

Members and non-members who log data in the IPAF accident reporting portal are now able to access improved dashboard functions that allow them to track their own safety statistics against the wider industry. This new update follows work behind the scenes to upgrade the portal's user interface. Previously, the accident reporting portal showed a limited interface for viewing reports that only showed benchmarks against trends.

Learn more about IPAF's updates to the accident reporting portal in the full article.

At Electra, Kal Tire will showcase prototypes for two tools to further help improve productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Kal Tire to showcase OTR tire replacement and inspection prototypes at Electra Mining

At Electra Mining 2022, Kal Tire will showcase an expanded carbon emission reporting program, a recycling solution that promotes a circular economy, autonomous tire inspections, and prototypes for two tools that will change how technicians work safely around the wheel. The prototypes that Kal Tire will present are a wheel inspection tool and the Kal Clamp. The inspection tool  scans and indicates cracks along weld lines or ring grooves that could compromise wheel integrity while the Kal Clamp helps technicians safely perform the last step of removing or installing an OTR tire.

Learn more about Kal Tire's Electra Mining 2022 showcase in the full article.

Vodafone and Topcon have agreed to advance user trials and Vodafone is inviting select users to join pilot activities in Germany, Spain, and the U.K.

Topcon and Vodafone partner to develop positioning system capable of locating machinery within centimetres

Vodafone and Topcon Positioning Group are developing a new precise positioning system that will locate Internet of Things (IoT) devices, machinery, and vehicles with a greater degree of accuracy than using only individual global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). Vehicles, scooters, machinery, and even robot lawn mowers can be securely monitored in real-time to within a few centimetres when connected to Vodafone's global IoT network and using technology from Topcon which corrects inaccuracies from navigation satellite signals. 

Find out more about the Topcon and Vodafone positioning system in the full article.

In addition to crowded job sites, the alarm can be beneficial for environmentally sensitive work areas where it is important to minimize public disturbances.

Genie white noise alarm avoids tonal alarm competition on loud job sites

The new Genie Lift Guard white noise alarm is available globally as an option on Genie equipment and provides an alternative to traditional tonal alarms that can reduce noise emissions on job sites by up to 45 percent. Instead of making a beeping sound, the white noise alarm makes more of a whooshing sound; the noise is easy to hear by personnel who are in direct proximity to the MEWP, but it dissipates quicker than a tonal alarm if not in close proximity due to the technical acoustical differences in the alarm.

Find out more about Genie's white noise MEWP alarm in the full article.

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