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Kal Tire

Address 1540 Kalamalka Lake Road, Vernon, BC, V1T 6N6, CA
Phone 250-542-2366
Email [email protected]
Website kaltire.com
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Kal Tire transforms tire inspection with TOMS

A mining truck is only as good as the tires it rides on, and inspecting and maintaining those tires is a big job with significant implications for both productivity and safety. With its new Tire Operations Management System (TOMS), Kal Tire is demonstrating that tire management can benefit from more effective fleet inspections and improved planning and communication of required tire work. With TOMS, the company is making the tire inspection and reporting process clearer and more efficient today, while common language data capture and centralized data management will lead to predictive tire maintenance, AI recognition of damage and more effective training for inspectors in the future.

Heavy Equipment Guide's Top Innovations for 2018: Part 1

Innovations shape our world, every day in many ways, and the staff at Heavy Equipment Guide want to acknowledge their importance in the world of construction-related equipment. As a result, we have created this new annual feature. Our goal is to illustrate the range and scope of advances, from earthmoving to paving, aggregates, lift, maintenance, training, wearables and others. These innovations offer advantages from doing the job faster, more accurately, more safely, more comfortably or more efficiently, to improving maintenance or providing a better ROI. The editors' selections are drawn from our coverage during the year. The selection was not always easy as there are many worthy innovations but we hope the diversity of the ones shown provide an appreciation of the vast amounts of time and money which manufacturers spend developing innovations, large and small, that make our lives better.

Gravity Assist system earns Kal Tire top award at Electra Mining Africa 2018

Day two of Electra Mining Africa focused on the launch of new technology and innovations at the show. More than 60 products were reviewed across three categories. Kal Tire's Gravity Assist System (GAS) received top honours in the category of International Mechanical and Technology Innovation, mainly for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Kal Tire Showcases Commitment to Southern Africa

One year after acquiring the underground mining expertise of Tyre Corporation, and combining it with the surface mining expertise, tyre management innovation and culture of Kal Tire—Kal Tire's Mining Tire Group has become a respected force in Southern Africa.

Large tires find second lives through recycling efforts

Tires are the foundation of transportation in North America - quite literally. Estimates from 2015 suggest that in the United States and Canada there are around 300 million passenger vehicles on the roads. Some simple math suggests that this number means there are some 1.2 billion tires in contact with road surfaces at any particular time. 

The advantages of retread tires

Today’s technology for retreading large tires has advanced far beyond where it began decades ago. Most tires on construction equipment and large trucks can be retreaded for much less than the cost of new tires, and the tread design and compounds used can be customized for specific applications, improving performance and longevity of the retreaded tire.

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Kal Tire acquires Klinge Tire services in Australia

Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group has acquired the tire services business of Klinge & Co. in Australia. Kal Tire has been operating in Western Australia for approximately six years and it has long been a goal of the organization to expand to Eastern Australia where the majority of major mines operate.

Kal Tire Expands its Tire Monitoring Technology

Kal Tire Mining Tire Group is re-launching TTT—the True Tire Technology system that aims to considerably improve how mine sites monitor tire temperature and pressure in order to increase safety, tire life, fuel efficiency and mine productivity. Tires are one of the top three operating expenses of a mine site; only when running at optimal pressure will a mine site experience maximum value when it comes to savings and productivity related to this expense. In order to achieve this, a tire temperature and pressure monitoring system is required that is well designed,all aspects of it works in all environments, and has web-enabled management and reporting capability.