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Dynapac shows new North American range of highway class pavers and screeds at World of Asphalt

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Dynapac's D30W paver

At World of Asphalt, Dynapac has shown the newest range of highway class pavers and screeds built specifically for the North American market. The new range offer includes four models of tractors, D30T – 10 ft. track, D30W – 10 ft. wheel, D25T – 8 ft. track, D25W – 8 ft. wheel and two models of screeds, the Mat Master 16R (8 ft. - 16 ft. screed) and the Mat Master 20R (10 ft. to 20 ft.).

From interstate highways and county roads to large commercial job sites, Dynapac's latest generation of highway class pavers offer ideal paving. The tractors were designed with a focus on simplified paving and ideal uptime.

Dynapac's new paving speeds

The new generation of highway class pavers provide ideal paving speeds for thin or thick layers. The track and wheel pavers are designed with productivity and uptime in mind. High transportation speeds, up to 10mph, allow for fast repositioning of the machine at the start or end of the day. iTrack ultra duty rubber track design offers reliable performance and an ideal wear life offering low maintenance costs. Dynamic suspension control (DSC) on the wheel pavers offers the tractive effort and results needed for highway paving with lower investment and maintenance costs. For thin overlays on highways, the Mat Master screeds are equipped with DiveStop and Active Screed Assist features which deliver results regardless of material types. Dynapac's double width (10-20 ft. or 8-16 ft.) screed design is suitable for paving highways, new construction, or large commercial job sites with fewer passes.

Operator assist functions

The new pavers are built with dual independent tractor consoles for flexible working positions for the operator. The Dynapac smart dashboard and HMI design on the tractor and screed allow the operator to focus on the paving job during long paving hours. There are several operator assist functions such as FeedAssist, CleanAssist, ImpactAssist, DiveStop, and LightAssist built-in so that the paving crew can focus on the job at hand.

Reduced learning time

The swing-out dashboards are equipped with toggle and rocker switches, making an ergonomic system. The arrangement of switches helps to reduce the time to learn the new machine.

Operators can choose specific feed systems

With the new Dynapac highway pavers, operators can choose multiple feed system options depending on preference and paving scenarios.

  • Proportional Dual Sensor mode – auger speed is controlled by ultrasonic sensors and the conveyor follows the auger speed 
  • Proportional Quad Sensor mode – the auger and conveyor work independently with their own sensors 
  • Flow Gate – optional flow gate for controlling the head of material

Reduce setup and cleaning time

Dynapac Clean assist and Fill Assist system helps to get started early and start paving. With options like Hydraulic Tunnel extensions, the auto lube system reduces daily maintenance time and allows for more productive paving time.

Screed heating options

Dynapac heat control box is a multi-zone heat control system. This keeps the screed heated at the right time and temperature. When working with different materials operators have the choice of selecting the right temperature needed for each job. Dynapac's heat control system is designed to provide heating to the screed. With two heating modes – Heat Boost and Eco Mode – operators can choose the mode they prefer. The Heat Boost mode heats the screed fast while the ECO mode keeps the heat uniform across the screed.

Functions to help with the quality of the paved mat

Mat Master screeds avoid bending or torsion with a double extension system, which will have a direct quality output of the paved mat. Pre-compaction is achieved due to the screed design. 

  • Dynapac's multizone heat control system ensures a mat with consistent heat distribution throughout the complete working width for screed plates and end-gates.
  • Screed functions are activated by a positive lock thread mechanism avoiding the need for constant screed adjustment while paving.
  • Avoid bumps and marks in the paved mat with the hydraulic Safe Impact system and the Dynapac DiveStop technology.

Dynapac DiveStop combined with Active Screed Assist technology works with mixes and thin layer paving.

The Dynamic Suspension Control (DSC) technology helps provide traction to wheel pavers. When the wheels are working on soft and/or uneven surfaces there is always ground contact for drive wheels with no spinning. This maximizes the traction and avoids uneven screed movement while running over objects.

Reduced cost of operation

The main wear parts on the new range of pavers such as push rollers, conveyors, and auger wear parts are designed to extend the wear part life. A U-shape screed plate is designed for longer usable life. Ground engaging parts life offers long intervals between rebuilds, saving time and money. Dynapac's iTRack track tensioning system keeps optimal track tension in forward and reverse. While working on gravel and soft material, the track tension system alerts and stops the paver if there is inadequate tension to the tracks.

Operators can directly connect night lights to the paver removing the need to rent external generators and plugs for nighttime paving.

Dynapac highway class pavers are equipped with ECO-Mode engine technology for lower fuel consumption and smart design allows operators to use the paver at the lowest possible engine RPM. Screed heating is also possible with either ECO Zonal heating which consumes less power and saves fuel. Dynapac's Mat Master screeds are designed to handle mixes like polymer-modified, rubberized asphalt, WMA, and SMA.

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