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Doosan expands next-generation wheel loader line in North America

A wheel loader picks up dirt on a job site
A Doosan DL250-7 wheel loader

Doosan Infracore North America has introduced three additional models to its -7 Series wheel loaders in the United States and Canada. These new 200 size class machines include many of the same features as the larger models and are now available at Doosan dealerships.

Similar to the -7 Series wheel loaders that were launched in spring 2021, these wheel loaders offer redesigned cabs with comfort features, increased bucket capacities, and new fuel-saving technologies. 

The three new models – the DL200-7, DL220-7 and DL250-7 – are smaller than the models launched last year and are replacing the DL200-5, DL220-5, and the DL250-5 wheel loaders. The new machines have standard bucket capacities between 2.6 and 3.3 cubic yards. All three new models are available with a high-lift option for additional dump height and reach.

"We're excited to offer a -7 Series iteration of our popular 200 size class wheel loaders in North America," says Aaron Kleingartner, product and dealer marketing manager at Doosan Infracore North America. "These are among our most popular wheel loader models because of their versatility. It's quite common for customers with these machines to purchase a hydraulic quick coupler for fast and easy attachment changes."

These smaller models are most commonly used on construction sites, specifically for loading, grading, and site prep work. They're also operated in scrap and recycling applications where they may be paired with a grapple attachment for handling bulk materials. Agriculture producers rely on this size of wheel loader for tasks like feeding cattle and managing manure. Grounds maintenance companies often prefer this size of wheel loader for clearing parking lots with a snow pusher or a bucket for placing snow in trucks for removal.

A Doosan DL220-7 wheel loader

New technology on Doosan's -7 wheel loader series

Each model of the -7 Series wheel loader can be equipped with an optional transparent bucket, a Doosan-exclusive technology that offers a supplemental view from a monitor inside the cab to improve operator visibility and productivity. The transparent bucket has two cameras with protective guarding, one mounted high and one mounted low on the front of the machine. 

"We anticipate that the transparent bucket will be a popular option for our Doosan -7 Series wheel loaders," Kleingartner says. "Another new technology available in our newest Doosan wheel loaders is situation awareness technology (SAT). The technology helps save fuel by automatically adjusting the engine output in real-time to the needs of the drivetrain and hydraulics. It lowers fuel consumption without reducing performance."

Additional Doosan -7 Series wheel loader technologies available in the 200 size class machines include the following:

  • The Doosan Smart Guidance system analyzes operator driving habits and provides tips on the Doosan Smart Touch display during operation to increase efficiency.
  • An improved Load Isolation system improves wheel loader stability while moving, which can reduce cycle times, increase productivity and boost fuel efficiency.
  • The new Doosan Smart Load weighing system tells the operator the weight of material in the bucket. All menus and settings are integrated into the Doosan Smart Touch screen. 
  • The Doosan Smart Key is a key fob that can unlock the cab and allow push-button engine starting.
A Doosan DL200-7 wheel loader

Traction control management systems on the DL200-7 wheel loader

The new Doosan DL200-7 wheel loader features a hydrostatic drive system for enhanced fuel efficiency, machine positional control and reduced wear on the brakes. The traction control management system allows operators to easily adjust traction force to match job site conditions. This helps reduce wheel slippage for more efficient digging, stockpiling, and loading. 

Doosan DL200-7 operators may choose from the following traction modes.

  • Max: Provides maximum traction force
  • Traction control: Allows the wheel loader operator to choose from three levels of reduced traction forces to match job site conditions
  • S-Mode: Helps when operating on slippery roadway conditions

Wheel loader operators may instantly return to the machine's Max traction mode by pressing the kick-down button on the joystick control.

Specifications of the DL200-7, DL220-7, and the DL250-7 Doosan wheel loaders

Doosan DL200-7 wheel loader specifications

  • Engine: 142 hp (106 kW)
  • Operating weight: 26,599 lb. (12,047 kg)
  • Bucket capacity: 2.6 cu. yd. (2.0 m3)
  • Static tipping load, full turn: 19,705 lb. (8,938 kg)
  • Dump height: 9 ft. 1 in. (2765 mm)
  • Dump reach, 45 degrees: 3 ft. 4 in. (1 m)

Doosan DL220-7 wheel loader specifications

  • Engine: 160 hp (119 kW)
  • Operating weight: 29,098 lb. (13,199 kg)
  • Bucket capacity: 3.0 cu. yd. (2.3 m3)
  • Static tipping load, full turn: 20,461 lb. (9,281 kg)
  • Dump height: 9 ft. 3 in. (2815 mm)
  • Dump reach, 45 degrees: 3 ft. 6 in. (1 m)

Doosan DL250-7 wheel loader specifications

  • Engine: 172 hp (128 kW)
  • Operating weight: 30,528 lb. (13,847 kg)
  • Bucket capacity: 3.3 cu. yd. (2.5 m3) 
  • Static tipping load, full turn: 21,134 lb. (9,586 kg)
  • Dump height: 9 ft. 3 in. (2795 mm)
  • Dump reach, 45 degrees: 3 ft. 6 in. (1.1 m)

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