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Small and versatile Liebherr truck mounted concrete city pump showcased at World of Concrete

A truck mounted concrete pump parked in a parking lot
A Liebherr THP 80-LP truck mounted concrete pump

Liebherr USA, Co. Concrete Technology has introduced the THP 80-LP truck mounted concrete city pump. It is the latest product designed for the North American market. The THP 80-LP is the smallest in Liebherr's truck mounted pump product range. Powerful, versatile and compact, this latest model added to the Liebherr line up is on display at Liebherr booth W1364 at World of Concrete 2022.

The new THP 80-LP maintains the same high performance, quality and many of the same features as the larger truck mounted concrete pumps. It is the perfect solution for jobs in urban environments, residential jobs and compact job sites where space is limited.

Liebherr's new city pump fulfils an industry need for a reliable and flexible boomless pump truck for line pumping applications. The design and development of the THP80-LP city pump is a result of customer feedback in collaboration with Liebherr's many years of engineering and production. The City pump is the smallest in Liebherr's line of concrete truck mounted pumps but maintains many of the same features as the larger heavy weight truck mounted boom pumps, such as a 600 litre large capacity hopper.

Compact construction, lower weight

The THP 80-LP offers greater flexibility and mobility to maneuver around the job site. The total length of the new Liebherr city pump is around 28.4 ft. It is quick to set up and easy to control with an HBC option for the remote control. The truck has ample storage with wide spaces for the concrete tubes and accessories on the deck and contains plastic water tanks for saving weight.

The THP 80-LP is mounted on a two axle truck chassis and weighs around 22,684 lbs. which is significantly lighter than truck mounted boom pumps. This is convenient for customers because it does not require a CDL to operate, which means there is more flexibility and allows more of their staff to operate the equipment.

High performance

The pumping kit features an open loop hydraulic circuit that uses the simple, reliable and powerful Liebherr design. This system is in line with the same quality performance from the boom pump models, it provides top performance with very low maintenance costs. Liebherr pump kits are robust, low stroking, low wear and easy to switch parts. The Liebherr city pump is designed to deliver high pumping performance. The suction inlet has a greater diameter than the cylinder itself, ensuring outstanding suction performance, even on extreme concrete types. With the split wear plates maintenance can be done quickly and easily. In addition, Liebherr offers a pumping kit option that allows high pressure application for extreme tasks. Operators can easily switch the hydraulic hoses on the pumping kit, allowing the machine to provide higher pressure on the concrete. This pump the provides the standard hydraulic mounting with concrete pressure at cylinder rod side is 1088 psi (75bar), when switching connection, the concrete pressure at cylinder piston side is 1813 psi (125bar).

Concrete technology solutions

The new THP 80-LP is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding product portfolio of Liebherr truck mounted concrete pumps. The Liebherr Concrete Technology division provides a diverse range of concrete technology solutions, including the development and manufacturing of high-quality truck mixers, mixing plants and concrete pumps. The range is complemented by additional concrete products, including conveyor belts for truck mixers and plant control systems. Together these products are designed for cost-effective, trouble-free mixing, transportation and installation of concrete.

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