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Telematics added to Power Curbers and Power Pavers roadbuilding equipment

A Power Curber works to help finish a roadbuilding prject
A Power Curber 7700 multipurpose slipform machine

Power Curbers has shown their new ConnectSmart telematics solution at World of Concrete 2022. It offers a variety of fleet management tools bringing more visibility to slipforming contractors. Companies can monitor their Power Curbers & Power Pavers equipment on a real-time dashboard accessible with a web browser or app on mobile devices.

The dashboard enables fleet managers to monitor the live location of machinery across the globe. Specific areas like job sites, storage yards, or service areas may be "geofenced" to send immediate alerts if the unit isn't where it should be.

The equipment's current status is always visible, so contractors know whether their machine is running, parked, or in transit. ConnectSmart telematics also displays and tracks when the vibrators are on or off in real-time. That is critical for slipformers as it allows them to analyze when their unit is idling versus pouring. Managing idle time is essential for maximizing fleet efficiency and sustainability through reduced fuel consumption and lowered emissions. 

Maintenance is more manageable, too. Companies can remotely monitor equipment's hours to uphold appropriate service intervals and see live engine outputs through the dashboard. These outputs include fault codes to aid with troubleshooting and repairs.

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727 Bendix Drive
Salisbury, NC
US, 28146


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