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Volvo Active Control integrates with Topcon to customize excavator operation

A Volvo excavator digs using Topcon software
Thanks to Topcon 3D-MC integrating with Volvo Active Control, an abundance of new and more complex projects will be possible for operators.

Volvo Active Control helps operators of all skill levels by automating the digging process. Now, thanks to an integration with Topcon 3D-MC, new and more complex projects will be possible. Topcon's software easily integrates with the Volvo Active Control menus, allowing operators to quickly customize how they want "Autos" to function. Whether digging trenches, grading slopes, or creating site profiles, the partnering of Topcon 3D-MC with Volvo Active Control will help operators produce ideal results.

Better visibility and enhanced control

3D software is the ideal choice for complex and larger infrastructure projects, providing more detailed, realistic visualizations and helping to improve efficiency and reduce costly errors. The latest updates to Topcon 3D-MC for Volvo include over-the-air access to Sitelink3D, support for LandXML files, a refreshed graphical user interface and an over-the-air remote support function.

Efficiency and accuracy benefits

The latest version of Volvo Active Control software supports auto-tilt feature for tilt buckets and Steelwrist tiltrotators, as well as a return-to-dig feature called Bucket Recall, and automated back grading. First introduced in 2019, this steer-by-wire machine control system guides the operator through functions to automate the digging process up to 45 percent faster than traditional grading.

When using the Boundary Limits package, operators can automatically stop the swing motion at a set angle to assist in digging and truck loading. And if working in a tight space, operators can pre-set boom and bucket elevation and swing to avoid side or overhead obstacles.

Applicable models

For Volvo customers in Europe, Oceania and Asia, Volvo Active Control is currently available on the Volvo EC220E, EC250E, EC300E and EC350E crawler excavators. For customers in North America, it is offered on three models, the EC220E, EC250E and EC300E. Volvo Active Control will be extended to additional models in 2022.

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