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First Quantum to operate world’s largest ultra-class truck trolley fleet with help from Liebherr

A T 284 mining truck
A Liebherr T 284 mining truck

In 2013, Liebherr received an initial request from First Quantum Minerals Limited (FQML) to develop a 360 t / 397 ton trolley-capable haul truck for mine sites in Panama and Zambia. The trucks were required to integrate with the trolley power line that FQML had designed and developed for the sites.

Agreeing to this partnership, Liebherr engineers began developing, testing, and verifying the trolley solution. Two Liebherr T 284 trucks with the Trolley Assist System were commissioned at Sentinel copper mine in Zambia in 2016 and testing of the trolley solution began in February of 2017, with twelve months allotted for the customer to evaluate the trucks, the trolley, and the customer service.

At the end of the trial period, FQML expressed they were pleased with the results of the Trolley Assist System and the performance of the T 284, leading to an order for six more trolley-capable T 284 trucks at Sentinel mine, along with thirty trolley-capable T 284 trucks for Cobre Panama copper mine in Central South America.

As a mark of success of the partnership between FQML and Liebherr, along with the performance of the T 284 with trolley solution, FQML recently confirmed an order for a further 11 T 284 trucks. These three trucks for Sentinel mine and eight trucks for Cobre Panama mine, will join the existing fleets operating with the Trolley Assist System. This soon-to-be fleet of 38 T 284s in Panama will claim the title of the world's largest ultra-class truck fleet on trolley.

Liebherr has also delivered six trolley-capable 100 t / 110 ton T 236 haul trucks in Austria, bringing the total number of Liebherr trucks with the Trolley Assist System to 56 once FQML's newest fleets has been commissioned.

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