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HX Series a new generation of International vocational trucks

Red International HX dump truck
International has introduced its new generation of HX vocational trucks.

The International HX Series, the next-generation of HX Series vehicles, is the first product released under the company's Navistar 4.0 strategy and its Project Compass initiative which focuses on flexible, modular design to meet customer needs, streamline the customer experience and deliver strong support and service.

"The new HX Series represents our most comfortable, durable, technologically integrated and driver-focused Severe Service truck ever," said Mark Stasell, vice president, Vocational Truck, Navistar. "It is the physical representation of our Navistar 4.0 strategy - putting the customer at the center of everything we do."

The new HX Series is available in both a set-forward axle HX520 and a set-back axle HX620. Both vehicles are now available for order and deliveries will start early next year.

The new HX Series features a redesigned cab to perform in even the most punishing vocational applications. It comes with a durable three-piece hood that is crack-resistant, strong and specifically engineered to offer outstanding front-forward visibility. Backed by rigorous testing, the extreme duty cab is structurally reinforced in key locations to ensure long life and is now protected by ChemGuard, LineX and International Truck's own topcoat process making it nearly impenetrable to salt - all done with an intelligent design of high-strength steel, resulting in no weight penalty.

The new HX also comes with functional dual external air cleaners, offering increased filtration which is critical when running in dusty environments. All marker lights have been replaced with LEDs which provide superior nighttime visibility and safety while reducing the frequency of repair. To add a personal touch, the new HX Series is easily customizable with optional stainless-steel visors, bright finish mirrors and additional stainless-steel options.

Focus on the driver

Inside, the focus was on the driver. The new extreme duty cab improves driver safety, comfort and productivity. To start, the overall cab size has been increased. With a focus on comfort, the cab now features best-in-class HVAC and larger power windows, creating a view with improved visibility.

The expanded cab also comes laid out with International Truck's newest and highest trim package Diamond Elite. Included in this package is a new line of premium heated and ventilated seats offering complete comfort at all times and allowing drivers to stay focused and effective. Integrated driver assist technology from Bendix also helps improve driver's awareness and safety.

"The cab interior is the driver's command center, so every inch needs to be attuned to their needs," said Stasell. "Designed directly from driver feedback, the new HX Series is built to be the most driver-oriented vehicle in your fleet."

Performance in a variety of roles is key to the HX Series.

​Improved performance

On a jobsite, maneuverability is paramount. For improved performance, the new HX Series is available with dual steering gears and advanced anti-lock braking systems that result in superior turning, traction and control. To help maximize delivered payload, the HX620 also comes standard with the International A26 engine, delivering up to 500 horsepower for top tier performance in a lightweight package.

The HX Series continues to offer a high strength 12.5" x 0.5" single rail frame option delivering 3.5M RBM, meaning it is capable of withstanding even the heaviest loads.

The new HX Series features proven component technology from key partners. Both the HX520 and HX620 models can be ordered with the Cummins X15 engine, delivering the power to perform in a variety of ratings up to 605hp and 2,050 lb-ft of torque.

It also features the new Hendrickson HAULMAAX HMX-EX Suspension, bringing improved reliability and increased jobsite ratings.

A wide range of steerable lift axles are also offered for the new HX Series. All lift axle combinations are available from the factory; most notably, International Truck now offers the option for all controls to be placed in the wing panel of the dashboard for improved ergonomics and quality appearance.

With a comprehensive offering of manual, automated manuals and automatic transmissions for any application, the new HX Series features the Eaton Fuller manual transmissions, Eaton Ultrashift automated manual transmissions or the Allison 4000 Series Transmissions. The automated manual and automatic transmissions are controlled through International Truck's intuitive, driver-friendly stalk shifter control that allow the driver to keep their eyes on the job.

Truly connected trucks

To maximize uptime, International Truck has integrated the Diamond Logic electrical system into the new HX Series. Diamond Logic offers fleets an integrated, easily programmable and customizable electrical system that operates directly from the dash. It decreases body installation labor, increases uptime and safety and allows drivers to operate the truck's body with unmatched confidence.

The new HX Series is supported through OnCommand Connection - the company's real-time remote diagnostics system, offering the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of connected vehicle services. All HX Series customers will have visibility into the health of their fleet, making it easier to manage maintenance and repair. This technology allows International Truck and its service network to predict parts needs, so dealers have inventory on shelves where and when you need it.

The series is also backed by International 360 - the service communications and fleet management platform that makes it easier than ever to seamlessly communicate with the International service network for fleets of all makes.

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