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VMAC developing new technology for PTO-driven air compressor & hydraulic systems

The new DTM70-H from VMAC.
The new DTM70-H from VMAC.

VMAC is currently developing state-of-the-art PTO-driven technology that will set a new standard for air compressor and hydraulic multi-power systems.

VMAC is creating the next generation of its Direct-Transmission Mounted Multi-Power System, the DTM70-H, with plans for release in 2019. VMAC's DTM70-H is designed as a configurable, all-in-one solution for service trucks fitted with hydraulic cranes or other hydraulic components, while also providing powerful air-on-demand capability.

The new DTM70-H release will feature a hydraulic bypass valve and an intelligent throttle control system to allow for variable air-on-demand with increased CFM output, while simultaneously providing steady GPM output.

The throttle control technology is currently used in UNDERHOOD air compressors, automatically idling the truck's engine up and down to match air demand. However, it's challenging to implement variable air flow on an air compressor that's integrated with a hydraulic system, due to the need for steady flow rate in many hydraulic systems.

Fortunately, the hydraulic bypass design overcomes that challenge. A hydraulic bypass circuit contains a priority flow control valve, which diverts excess hydraulic flow back into the reservoir tank before it reaches the crane, which allows the control system to increase engine RPM resulting in higher CFM output without over-speeding the crane.

"Cranes require steady hydraulic flow, while air systems can benefit from adaptive air-on-demand control, providing maximum air flow only when it is needed. Combining both these functions into one sophisticated system gives operators the best of both worlds," said Chris Moyse, engineering lead for the DTM70-H.

Innovating existing successful products reflects the heart of VMAC's lean manufacturing culture, which challenges employees to continually seek improvements in all facets of business.

VMAC released the DTM70-H for 2017-2019 model year Ford F-250 to F-550 Super Duty trucks with Power Stroke Diesel 6.7L, solving the need for a multi-power hydraulics and compressed air system that uses a direct-drive connection – a superior alternative to shaft-driven PTO systems, which are known to break. The DTM70-H also reduces installation time by up to 30 percent, takes up no deck space, and reduces GVW by up to 600 pounds when compared to other hydraulic systems.

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