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Merlo boosts fuel economy in new telehandler range

Merlo boosts fuel economy in new telehandler range

The Merlo Group is launching its new HM range with the P50.18, P65.14 and P120.10 models. Their high-performing and efficient Tier 4 Interim engine with 4-cylinder and 176hp ensures that the fuel economy is 40 percent higher than other brands, the company states. This engine uses an SCR post-treatment system. It uses a catalyzer that exploits a chemical reaction between the polluting agents and a mixture of water and urea, reducing the emissions.

"We work at the Quebec airport and our Merlo has passed the anti-pollution test to work indoors; we were impressed," said equipment owner Vitrerie Laberge.

The Merlo Group has always been an innovator in heavy equipment. The company reinvests 8 percent of its turnover in research and development each year, which is certainly not unrelated to the success of its range. Thus, it is able to offer operational advantages for the most competitive markets. A good example is the M CVTronic transmission equipped with EPD (Eco Power Drive). The operator sets the desired speed and the EPD system manages the number of diesel revs according to the parameters set in the control unit, ensuring maximum efficiency, high performance and minimum consumption. 

Testimonials from customers such as PCL, one of Canada's largest general contractors, confirmed it following their purchase of a Merlo P50.18 for the Ottawa District: "Productivity, versatility, fuel economy and safety are key components of what we strive for. The Merlo 50.18 was clearly the best choice," said Kevin MacCormack of PCL. 

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